My 41st Wedding Anniversary

No machines in this blog, which probably should be on Facebook, but I don’t do Facebook.

Today is my 41st wedding anniversary with my wife Risa. I think we are the rare couple who can honestly say to each other every day how blessed we are to have one another. I am a hopelessly sappy romantic who cries real tears on the cards I write for such occasions. She is the baker who makes everybody’s favorite dish for their birthday.

Risa is the combination of lover and best friend, who has buoyed me up during life’s insults. I cheered her on as she became a taekwondo World Champion and parented with her through kids’ challenges and triumphs.

We’ve grown side by side. In a way I robbed her of her youth because she married at 19 and moved to Chicago from Charlotte and Ann Arbor. She built a career as an educational therapist and has improved the lives of hundreds of kids from kindergarten through high school.

I am the rare man who met the woman of his dreams and had the luck and intuition to know it from day one.

Happy Anniversary, Risa—love of my life.

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15 thoughts on “My 41st Wedding Anniversary

  1. AvatarJohn Otto

    Life sure is easier when you find the right person from the start, or are willing
    to compromise to grow together. Patti has put up with me for 31 years. Proof you
    can teach an old dog new tricks.

    Mazel Tov to you both.

  2. Avatarmatt

    Congratulations…..I’ve been only listening to your ramblings for a couple of years now, so she must be a very special lady to have kept you around for that long!!!!

  3. AvatarTyler Shinaberry

    Congratulations to you both.

    It is obvious this marriage has been the inspiration to many of your great writings.

  4. AvatarWes

    Congratulations Lloyd. Her value us far above rubies. Barb and I are just behind you. We will be 41 next month.

  5. AvatarDeborah Rudy

    Lucky me, I have the honor and joy of knowing you both. Ricky and I have a poster framed in our bedroom that is a compilation of aphorisms on how to deepen your love in relationships. One of them says “Put your love on a billboard.”

    Good for you, and many more anniversaries filled with health, joy and love!

  6. AvatarBen Guthrie

    “the woman of his dreams” is a beautiful phrase. You are the rare man whose dreams are built around a woman. Thanks for that example.

  7. AvatarBetty

    Dear Lloyd,
    This is a tough business so to be in a loving relationship certainly makes it easier. Congratulations to you both and may you have many more.
    Best regards,

  8. AvatarPeter Frow

    A wife of noble repute, who can find?
    –but clearly you have found her.
    Congratulations to you both and may her children rise and call her blessed,

    Peter Frow

  9. AvatarBill Henry

    That was such a nice tribute to your lovely wife! It inspired me to thank my dear wife of 44 years for sharing her life with me. Thanks elevating our thoughts.

  10. AvatarBob Cardoza

    Congrats Lloyd,
    sorry for the late post. I am new to the machining world and a new fan of your blogs. May you celebrate many more years with your lovely and inspirational wife!


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