Helping and Hatin

By Lloyd Graff

Very interesting action on my blog about Hans Peters looking for a Citizen CNC programmer for his plant in Tennessee. Generally, people in the machining blogosphere wanted to be helpful to a fellow traveler new to machining. But there were the assorted grumps who were offended by the piece because they resented me singling out Peters for special treatment.

I get a perverse charge out of the criticism, especially when it’s nasty. In a world where so many people live life painting by the numbers, it’s sort of refreshing to know that I got some folks to start “hatin” on me about a machining blog. These discerning folks connect with my inner scowl.

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4 thoughts on “Helping and Hatin

  1. P Rutledge

    Unfortunately Lloyd, I agree with a number of those whiners for other reasons than what they were whining about.

    Very few of the responses that you got were actually helpful. Of course you had half a dozen or more responses of ME! ME! ME! but that doesn’t solve any underlying problem either. With very few exceptions the responses you received were not meant to help anyone other than the one company (or criticize yourself). This doesn’t help to facilitate this blog community you may have had in mind and I highly doubt your intentions were so grand that you planned to answer your own underlying question…

    I disagree with your blog post not because you singled out a man or brought to our attention a number of people desperate for a solution of their own which are acceptable and appropriate things. I harmonize with your whiners because your question was “Is there anybody out there who can help?” and not “How can any of us can find this help? How can any of us find the job we need or the solution we are desperate for?”

    Obviously, the answer is not ask your good old email buddy Lloyd.

  2. David M. Chenevert

    Funny…I got the same perverse charge that Lloyd got. It started from the bottom and went straight up….You know, if it gets someone a job..great…If your ad for Hans alllows him to succed great…but I do not believe your intentions were to do that.
    But maybe you should consider a section in your magazine for job placments. I am sure that many CNC-Swiss houses would appreciate the opportunity to place their needs in this seciton. Being the good soul that you seem so intent on portraying, I am sure that there would be no charge to provide the same size advertisement you did for your pal.
    One thing about magazines and freedom of the press, you can print, write and express your views. We can both agree to disagree. Those who you consider and feel are “grumps” maybe just don’t agree with how you did it and not so much the idea of trying to help someone. I guess you would have to know those people before passing judgement or rather have a better understanding of the industry before painting your brush that we are all “grumps”………


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