New Life at Tornos

Welcome to the 21st century Tornos. At the Tornos press conference, I was impressed with Scott Kowalski, who has taken the reins at Tornos in America. Tom Dierks, who led Tornos for many years, was a fine person, but the business in America deteriorated under his watch. Market share slipped to also-ran status, despite having a superior piece of hardware to sell.

Tornos appears to realize the problem. They have improved the software by partnering with PartMaker and developing a Windows-based product.

They are building a “Center for Excellence” in Naperville, IL, outside of Chicago, which sounds like it will eventually be a home for the brand. They are taking a cue from Index, which moved from a cozy building in a small Connecticut town, to a state of the art plant near Indianapolis. Tornos has also granted a multi-spindle representation to Hydromat, which has a chance to really make something out of it.
Kowalski impressed me as a high energy mover and shaker. He has a clear idea of what he has to do – build the brand with service and support. Convince the best dealers that Tornos is on the rise again. Show passion and commitment to the customers.

I think this guy is really going to stir things up for the better.

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