No Free Lunch

By Lloyd Graff

Today’s Machining World needs your help. We have been caught in the perfect storm of steady increases in printing and postage expenses and a disastrous recession in the machining business that has trampled our advertisers.

On the cover of the March 2010 issue of Today’s Machining World, readers will see a request for contributions similar to those made by National Public Radio.

You receive TMW and this Web site free, and you will continue to get them. But in the end, there’s no free lunch.

For a $40 contribution you will get a $10 mini MagLite as a premium. Anything less would still be appreciated, with all my heart.

So here’s the deal. Contribute what you think is fair. And do it now.

Click here to contribute.


Lloyd Graff
Today’s Machining World

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One thought on “No Free Lunch

  1. Robert Arthur

    I once was told by my mentor that “sometimes Free is too expensive”. In order to have “value” there must be a “cost”. I will gladly send a contribution to TMW and look forward to future editions of a magazine that I feel makes a positive contribution to the Machine Tool industry


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