Not My America

By Lloyd Graff

Our Next President? -From The Daily Show

In August of 2008, I was in a state of catastrophic heart failure when I reached St. Francis Hospital in Evanston. A brave and talented heart surgeon was working at the hospital that morning named Mohammad Akbar. I required a stent in my 99% occluded lateral descending artery, also called the “Widow Maker.”

Dr. Akbar somehow managed to insert the stent, which bought me enough time to get stronger so I could endure a quadruple bypass operation three days later. When asked afterward how he was able to do the stent insertion, which seemed almost impossible because of the complete blockage, he simply pointed upward and sighed.

A week ago, Dr. Issam Awad, head of Neurosurgery at the University of Chicago Hospital, performed a tricky brain surgery on a “tangerine sized” tumor on my pituitary gland. Dr. Awad, a Christian Arab man, came to America from Beirut, Lebanon, for Med School and stayed to practice. He has written 300 academic papers and is at the top of his game at 59.

So when I hear a Donald Trump announce that he would allow no Muslim immigrants or refugees into America I think of Dr. Akbar and Dr. Awad and my quality of life. I also think of a Ted Cruz who would like to carpet bomb our enemies “back to the Stone Age.”

What happened to the welcoming America that allowed Cruz’s Cuban father into this country even though he fought for Fidel Castro before fleeing Cuba?

The America that I love is not the small minded, immigrant fearing, know-nothingness of cunning ignoramuses like Trump and Cruz and weaklings like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush who do not have the courage to stand up for expanded immigration during a debate. And this is a Rubio whose parents also came from Cuba, trying to wear the American flag on his sleeve without having the guts to call Trump and Cruz out for pandering to the know-nothings.


Then we have Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton with their pathetic pandering to the Democratic primary electorate. Sanders promises free lunch to everybody except “Wall Street” and “Big Pharma.” Tax them enough and there will be free medical care, excused college debt, expanded Social Security and a carriage for your Fairy Godmother. His stump speech is the mirror image of Donald Trump’s with less hair. He is a sophisticated liar who never utters his mother’s name and calls his Jewish father a “Polish immigrant,” disavowing his Jewish heritage in a manipulative way.

Then there is Hillary Clinton who can’t seem to beat an unknown avowed socialist from New York City. Hillary must desperately grab for the women who forsook her in Iowa and New Hampshire and African American voters who rightfully distrust professional bleeding hearts who grab their votes and take them for granted in DC.

The real possibility of a Trump versus Sanders Presidential election is utterly appalling to me. I understand the anger of the electorate but I’m amazed by the stupidity of an electorate that could place these two clowns at the top of the ticket. But there are potentially a couple of positive outcomes to this slog towards Trump vs. Sanders.

We could get a viable alternative third party candidate like Michael Bloomberg. The irony would be delicious if he ran. You would have three New Yorkers running in the same election – two enormously wealthy ones financing their own candidacies and one professional wealth beater in Bernie. Making it even more interesting for me is that it would include two Jews, Sanders and Bloomberg, against Trump whose daughter Ivanka has recently converted to become an Orthodox Jew.

Bloomberg has run on each party’s side and basically rejects the lunacy of both. He might win, but it would take moving the election to the snake pit of the House of Representative to make it happen. That would be a bad precedent for the country.

Trump vs. Sanders might mean a full reset of American politics. It could mean the end of both major parties as we know them today. In the age of Google and Facebook it may well be that Democrats and Republicans are obsolete.

I do not recognize the politics of Trump and Sanders as part of my America. Trump does not represent the America that welcomed immigrants and desperate men and women fleeing Hitler and Castro. Bernie Sanders’ America does not represent entrepreneurs and creators who take risks and start companies and invent stuff. Trump and Sanders represent anger, resignation and contempt.

I am glad my surgeons and ancestors arrived here before this country slipped into collective madness.

Question: Would you like to see more immigration or less?

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52 thoughts on “Not My America

  1. Rod Hatcher

    You are kidding me right? I want folks running that respect and want to make the Constitution their first priority. Still looking.

    As far as immigration goes, I would be fine with legal immigration. Something that both of your doctors had the ethics to comply with no doubt.

    1. Dave(the one who IS here!)

      Agreed. LEGAL immigration is fine and it is what made America great.
      Issue is the phonies who start screaming when people talk about stopping ILLEGAL immigration.

      What part of ILLEGAL don’t you bozos get???

  2. Erik

    Amen. That is absolutely where we are right now, isn’t it?

    I want to see more immigration. I want it to be Legal immigration. Being fearful isolationists is not what built this country. We need to attract the finest people in the world because they appreciate the idea of America. It’s what made us diverse, powerful, and productive; and that hasn’t changed. The only thing that’s changed is that social media has provided a bullhorn for the stupid.

    All the fear mongering about immigrants sounds really familiar, doesn’t it? Like, maybe 1930’s Germany. They’ll come rape and murder our children. Like we don’t do that on our own. You’re more likely to die at the hands of a patriotic nutbag than a terrorist in this country. You’re more likely to die from a coconut falling on your head than from a terrorist attack in this country. We’re being led around by our collective noses by conniving, power hungry, corrupt politicians.

    A few days ago I posted that I WANTED a Donald vs Bernie election because it would draw Bloomberg off the bench. I still feel that way. Something has to give. Now .

  3. Maggie

    Amen! What a well-written assessment. The upside? Never a dull moment for those of us who view politics as a spectator sport 🙂 It’s been a wild ride and I think the excitement will continue.

  4. mike

    Less . . . Lloyd, you OK? Did you ask your surgeons why they not return home to save lives there instead of yours?

    You ever serve in the military Lloyd? I did . . . when you see “foreign” hate and anger up close, it smells different then in your Chicago suburb.

    Anyway – we have a system to nominate people. If you dislike it so much, maybe you should immigrate to your Jewish state of Israel? They play baseball too, don’t they?

    i like your insights and editorials . . . but not this time. You sound like Barbara Streisand when talking about George W – back in the day . . . or was it Cher?

    1. Erik

      Wow. Did you ask your surgeons why they not return home to save lives there instead of yours? Ummm, because they want to be in America for the same reason you do. Some of the most patriotic people I know were not born here. I love that argument. Why don’t they go back home? Because America is better in their opinion. That’s why they become citizens.

      A better question is why are you here if you have such a problem with immigration in our free society. Your views don’t fit the template.

      And- What does military service have to do with anything? Do you expect smiling agreement from a population that is being occupied, or even visited, by a foreign Army? Would you smile and welcome a foreign army on our soil? But they should welcome us with smiles? Grow up.

      Use your head for something other than to keep your ears apart…..

  5. mfguru

    The book of Genesis foretells that Islam will rise up against the world. And now that it has, we must deal with it. 9/11 cost the Islamists $500,000 to finance and to date it has cost the US $500 Billion to repair the damage. Not to mention the burden on our military and the grief the TSA costs the everyday American. Immigration aside, I see no value in allowing Islamists into our country. More death and destruction will ensue. Their evil manifesto, the Koran, promises it.

    1. Erik

      Freedom of Religion also includes freedom from it. The Bible foretells nothing. Nor does the Koran. I’ve read both, admittedly under duress.

      And interpreting the words in either to fit your point of view is a self serving exercise.

      Evil Manifesto. I’d put that label on both books, given the amount of blood shed in the name of them.

  6. Lloyd Graff

    Yes, Mike I served in the Army during the VietNam War.

    Love Barbara Streisand, Especially the song People (who need people). We need some people running who are not supreme egotists. I understand Trump reads complimentary clippings first thing each morning to help confirm his narcissistic beliefs.

    Nice little anti-Semitic dig in there, too Mike.

  7. Joan

    It’s not just a question of less but having them come in the same way my grand parents did. Just having an open door policy for those that do not want to wait the time it takes to go through the proper channels when so many others waited is just wrong. It is time somebody shakes things up around here. I am sick and tired of a weak President who worries more about being on the Ellen show than standing up to the rest of the world. We look weaker and weaker every day. Wake up America!!!!!

  8. John

    How many terrorists have already been stopped at borders to other countries with the excuse that they are fleeing Syria but found to be scumbags. Better to be safe than sorry-vet the immigrants very carefully. If they pass muster, help them out. If they turn out to be terrorists throw them into a pit with some hungry hogs. All it’s going to take is a couple of Muslim terrorists (excuse me Obama) with explosive vests to set our country back on it’s heels as happened with 9-11.

  9. Lloyd Graff

    I think what bothers me most about Donald Trump is his contempt for the voters and his belittling of their intelligence by making outrageous statements that he probably does not even believe himself, but which he thinks will play to angry voters. This is contempt for the system and cynicism about America.

    Sanders is locked in a 1930s world view that for the moment seems to playing well to naive kids with college debt.

    1. Dave(the one who IS here!)

      Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it…
      Trump is a genius, albeit a goofy one. He has pulled out the Josef Goebbels playbook on propaganda. Repeat a lie often enough and loud enough and it becomes a fact!

  10. brawlerman

    It really depends on your definition of immigration. I have no problem with legal immigration( the controlled flow of people who want to come to America and integrate into our society). I have a giant problem with illegal aliens invading our country. An immigrant is someone who knocks on your door and asks to come in, An illegal alien is someone who sneaks in and wants you to confoem to their beliefs. The biggest problem is the people who bunch both groups together. Illegal aliens should not be rewarded for sneaking in. No Way! no How!

    1. Ryan

      Agreed. That’s like allowing anyone into your family, just because they figured out a way to break into your home without your knowledge.

      “Welp, he’s already here, come here my new son!”

  11. Ben


    Donald Trump is a marketing master, just like you were at machinery auctions in the 70’s and 80’s. Wearing a BIG baseball cap with your LOGO beaming proudly. I thought at the time it was all for show, but one day, after briefly talking to you and your dad, I thought differently. As my dad always said, “opinions and elbows, everyone has them.” This is what makes America a great country.

    I wish you a fast recovery and thank you for your service to Country.

  12. Bruskie

    Lloyd, Thank you for your service to our country.

    As always, someone has twisted the issue at hand. Immigration is not the problem, open borders, especially the southern borders is the issue. Open borders can cause many bad things, drugs, human trafficking, death and terrorism, yes, terrorists of all sorts could easily come through from Mexico if it already hasn’t. No thinking person agrees with “The Donald” on immigration but he has hit a nerve and ANY thinking person should understand that nerve. For some its fear, for others its bigotry, but for most its that fact that our country has seemed to have been failing over the last 15 years. “We don’t win anymore” is a true and hard fact for more and more Americans, no wonder they want change in Washington DC, we shouldn’t judge them too harshly! Immigration has historically been a good thing for the country, open borders is a disaster!

    One last thing, I did see Bernie Sanders at a Sanders Rally, (on television) when approached by a Muslim woman and asked what he would do about the harsh rhetoric toward Muslims the first thing he mentioned, after hugging the woman, was that he was Jewish and he had Jewish relatives, I think he said Grandparents, that died in the holocaust. He certainly hasn’t denied his heritage.

  13. David

    I work in a machine shop in Brooklyn that produces precision aerospace and machine components. Most of my co-workers are immigrants from (in no particular order):
    The Dominican Republic
    The Philippines
    Israel (and he immigrated twice, born in India)
    I have had co-workers from other parts of the Eastern Europe, Austria, Australia, Mexico, India, Ireland and probably a few other places that I forget.
    The company is owned by a third generation Italian from Brooklyn. There are a handful of us beside him who were born in the US but without a robust flow of immigrants our company wouldn’t thrive.
    Unfortunately it seems that our native born young people feel that working in an air-conditioned modern CNC shop is beneath them…
    Brooklyn is a hard place to live and work but the best part is meeting and working with people from all over the world. Knowing them reminds me how lucky I was to be born here.

    The way the only good thing about Donald Trump being president would be that he might leave NYC. The guy is an abomination. He is a thief and a hustler who has never earned an honest dime in his life. His supposed business “success” is built on the worst tendencies of our economy. I heard a woman on the news say “he only talks that way because that is how they all talk in the East”. She is sadly mistaken.

  14. Greg

    Demographically speaking, without immigration we are in trouble. Changing the terms of legal immigration seems wise.

    We currently allow people to come to the US to be educated, often for graduate degrees. Those folks should be offered, after proper vetting, citizenship. Instead, we sometime deny them even a green card after they graduate. Just an example of how we could improve our criteria for immigration.

    Illegal immigration is….well illegal. And as alluring as it may be, putting a religious test on immigration would seem to me to be unconstitutional. Not to mention just plain wrong. It’s about vetting the individual, which admittedly is expensive, not gross judgments about their chosen religion/philosophy.

  15. Jim

    We have reached the lowest common denominator.

    Politics as entertainment. It has become the latest reality TV show.

    Good help us.

    Jim Bradshaw

  16. Ryan


    Too much foreign influence upsets local economies, and most importantly cultures. The point of limiting immigration is to ensure the people entering this country assimilate themselves to our current way of life, respect our laws, constitution and traditions. Look at all of these things that have basically went out the window in the past 20 years…
    Imagine allowing 1 billion Chinese to flood the gates right now. Just think of the impact it would have on our finances, our people, and our laws by allowing them to vote.

    I moved around over 20 times as a kid, so I got to know many different types of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. I’ve known a lot of people who are 2nd generation immigrants, yet still have no respect or knowledge of the Bill of Rights. I think that’s the most scary aspect about today’s society.

  17. Luke

    Welcome to the reign of mob psychology. That is what is propelling both Trump and Sanders. And Trump seems to understand the current mood of the mob better than anyone in many years.
    It is not only many of the 2nd generation immigrants that have no knowledge or respect for the Bill of Rights, but many of those whose families have been here much longer and they don’t have any better knowledge or respect for the Constitution or Bill of Rights, a far bigger population than the 2nd gen immigrants.
    What is really scary is the lack of any critical thinking ability of nearly all of the voters on both sides of the Republican/Democratic divide. Nearly everyone simply repeats the sound bites of the show hosts without any thought.

    1. Ryan

      I don’t watch the news. I see all forms of main stream media as strictly entertainment, including this election.


    Temporary ban for Muslim immigrants? How about this one: if you are a Muslim, are on US Soil, are between the ages of 12 and 80, and are not a US Citizen, and you have spent more than 12 hours in any or some of these countries … here would be a long list of Arabic, Asian, African … then you have 60 days to become a US Citizen (expedited as may be needed under this policy), or to leave the US. You certainly don’t have to go to any particular country – you just can’t stay here; in effect for an indeterminate period. Alternative: if you are as one described above, except being between the ages of 18 and 50, you may choose to serve in the US Army, and will be trained to and serve to carry out armed, ‘boots on the ground’ combat against Jihadists, for a period of four (4) years (not including the training camp period). By the way, if you would seek to, or actually, leave your Unit during training or in such combat service, you will be executed (shot to death, as it were) in situ.

    If you are a Muslim US Citizen, and assumed to be in good standing with the laws of the US, then I guess all I can do is pray that you will follow the Constitution if something would happen to force you to choose between that and the pursuadings of your Islamic Leader, whomever that may be.

  19. Nancy Burrows

    Glad to see you haven’t lost your energy with the surgery, Lloyd! This blog sure hit a nerve in your readers.We should be glad people want to come to this country and while some come for wrong and even evil reasons, the desire to be in this country is positive.
    We benefit from diversity. When it comes to manufacturing, we haven’t done a great job promoting it as a great career. Without workers who came here from other countries or are a generation or two removed from other countries, we would not be able to produce as much that is Made in the USA, even if not made by Americans.
    Immigration isn’t the problem–but work ethic and education that fosters problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking– those should be our goals. Get well soon, Lloyd

  20. MCC

    Jeez, some people ride a really high horse.

    Just by reading one would think only people born in this country are honest, law-abiding, hard-working people and anyone that comes from the “outside” is a threat.

    Attract the best minds in the world? Its called capitalism and I think the big companies with their job offers and the university with their top of the line programs are already taking care of that.

    Attract honest – hard working people willing to do jobs a prideful American is not willing to do? People needed to do work that the continuously-aging population can’t or won’t be able to do? We will always need that and they will continue finding a way to come, if nothing is done, it continue to be illegal.

    Make them adapt to our culture? Really? what culture-heritage does this nation has if is not the mix of the world cultures? and make no mistake, that is what makes us great! It’s like a pizza, a mix of ingredients, options for all tastes that everyone loves. Who does not like pizza’

    Protect the borders form terrorists? hope they are doing their best.

    Make them respect the law? Absolutely, and if they are not illegally in the country it will be easier to keep tabs. Bad people will do bad things but the opportunity to achieve citizenship will do more towards that.

    I know most of the people that enter illegally are just looking for a job, to provide for their families. And the sacrifices many of them they are willing to take will put to shame the level of commitment most of us have.

    True, there is a percentage that should not be allowed to cross under any circumstance, part of the solution would be to find a way to screen and accept those who want to come and make this a better country .

    The saddest part for me is, I dare you to find someone that is not closely related to someone not born in the USA. Grandparents, Parents, life partners, business associates, close friends. Not acquaintances, real I-know-you-and-will-stand-for you relations. Think of those you know and are part of you life, and how your life would be without them. Immigrants made this country, is what define us.

    Immigrants are illegal mainly because current regulations are obsolete and the politicians don’t do anything about it for fear of the electoral-implications of being associated with any side of the issue.

    1. brawlerman

      BS. Immigrants are not illegal, Immigrants are legal, Illlegal aliens are illlegal, The sooner people realize the difference the better off we will be. If you want to have a discussion about changing our immigaration laws thats ok, But that is
      completely different than allowing illegal aliens to cut in line or to shape the laws

  21. Frank

    I grew up in the rural Midwest and never knew any blacks, foreigners, or Jewish people until I went to college. As an engineer I made many trips to Europe, Mexico, and S. Korea and honestly feel most people there (other than politicians) want the same things: food on the table, a roof over their heads, security, and opportunities for their children to succeed. My best friend and colleague is an Iranian-American. My first cochlear implant surgery was done by a Japanese-American doctor. My second by a Polish-American doctor. A Syrian doctor now treats my kidney disease. I’ve made a lot of black and Jewish friends. The Hispanic kids at my wife’s school a dozen years ago who knew no English upon arrival have thrived and are hard-working neighbors and citizens. Yet the most complaining I hear comes from lily-white neighbors who’ve never traveled outside the state and can’t stand the thought of a black man in the White House. My life is much richer because of the diversity of people I’ve encountered, so, yes, I’m open to more legal immigrants. And as for the illegals, all I can say is that if there were no jobs in the US and my family was hungry, but there were jobs aplenty in Canada, and the border was porous, I’d probably be up there now.

  22. Ryan

    I used to run economic simulations years ago, you cant flood the land with uncontrolled population growth with not enough resources around and expect to retain or grow our quality of life. It displaces others. Illegals or not, uncontrolled or high immigration levels displace Americans here at home.
    We want to take care of the world yet let our backyard grow to barren wasteland.

    That’s what I have a problem with.

  23. Captain Gerald Johnson

    WOW!!!! Lloyd – Looks like you really riled up the troops. That’s a good thing. Passion promotes progress.

    Thank God for your Surgeons and their talent, and thank God you came thru everything well.

    Now for my two cents:

    LEGAL immigration is great. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL, and the United States of America is still a Constitutional Republic founded on the Rule of Law (in spite of Obama, Soros, Iranian Val, et al).

    Now, as to who will occupy the White House after the 2016 election????? ANYBODY BUT OBAMA, THE CLINTONS, or SANDERS. My choice would be Benjamin Netenyahu for our Commander and Chief. Oh, but he doesn’t qualify under our Constitution’s birth requirements. But that’s OK. Neither does Obama.

    Why would someone (can you say Soros???) spend $3 Million to lock up / hide Obama’s records from We the People??? More to the point, why isn’t the Libtard Press screaming about this??? Not a peep from anyone in 8 long and painful years. As we used to say in grammar school, “good riddance to bad rubbish”!!!

    NOTE TO BENNY: Lock your shit up, and motor on over here!!

  24. Tom Hogge

    Seems as though u were a big Obama supporter Lloyd . Glad you recieved great care and recovering . Obama care contribute to that? I know my insurance premiums not going as promised . How is that hope and change working out for you ?? I am too a vet . Proud to state so. Not so proud of our commander in chief . Cannot wait to salute him good bye.

  25. Lloyd Graff

    Tom, are you voting in the Republican Primary n South Carolina? Curious to know who you like and Why?
    Do you think Kasich or Bush might surprise? Will Trump’s antics help Cruz? Give us some inside stuff? Lloyd

  26. Aaron Levy

    The united states should be producing more doctors each and every day with people born here. The doctors this article speaks about probably went to school here for free and receive perks for the work they now do. I was never able to finish my degree due to the cost. I had a choice, eat or go to college. These doctors I am sure have no debt from school Obama probably made sure they got to go for free, and we paid for it. Screw the political lifers and their ways. Take back our country so the people who are born here can prosper more than anyone else that comes here.

  27. Alex Goldis

    Dear Lloyd,

    It is great to know that you have received a really good service from both Arab doctors, and you are doing well. However, I would like to take a couple of issues with your commentaries, not focusing on all of them. It would be nice to know if Dr. Awad, a Christian Arab who came from Lebanon shared with you why he and his family left Lebanon and what has happened to the Christian community in Lebanon. It is equally upsetting and disappointing when another Doctor, Major Hasan in the US Military, guns down our best and finest American serviceman, yelling “Allāhu Akbar,” and our President and his justice department call it “work place violence.”

    I came to the shores of this country from the former USSR and I look to America as a leader in liberty and protected peaceful world order. Unfortunately, the media sells progressive democratic policies as a mainstream thought. Every Democrat is trying to out-progress each other, beginning from the New Deal to Great Society, to new Democrat, Bill Clinton, Progressive Democrat Barack Obama, Progressive Democrat Hillary Clinton and Socialist Bernie Sanders. In the name of great catchy words like “fairness, income inequality, worker’s rights” they have inflicted more misery on those who they claim to seek to help. If you do not see how they rig the system with Dodd–Frank Law, forcing banks and communities into reinvestments, giving breaks to their allies who donate money to them, i.e. Soros, and Warren Buffet just to name a few. Now they scream and yell that they would like to “re-rig the system.”

    You also conveniently forgot how the United States subdued Japan and Germany in WWII making comments about Cruz and Rubio as “he would obliterate Muslims”. I came from the USSR with admiration for American founding Fathers and the beautiful constitution they created like Rubio. By contract, progressives, and Barack Obama in particular, reject the notion of limited government spelled out in the constitution and the never ending pursuit with spewing the flame of rhetoric of envy. We are losing our beautiful America in front of us, and somehow I read that there is an unholy alliance between progressives/leftists and Islamists. It has been seen in both Europe and America.

    You have an enormous gift of writing. It would be nice to know from your point of view what the difference is between Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Boko Haram, Hamas, Fatah, and Isis. FDI is tracking Isis operatives in all 50 states, can you please tell me how the US is going to vet out incoming refugees? It would be nice to know where they get their inspiration to kill infidels. Then again, at the end, Obama and progressives as a whole blame guns, not Islamist ideology. I apologize if I am coming across strong, although this is just on the tip of my tongue.

  28. Leo

    I tuned into the latest Republican debate, but instead got a rerun of “High School Locker Room”.

    I want more legal immigration, and less illegal.

    I want a government that understands that Manufacturing is one of the 3 pillars of true wealth creation (the other two being Mining and Agriculture) and acts accordingly to encourage it.

    I want a presidential candidate that understands that our economic core has been hollowed out to the point where the middle class is truly threatened.

    I want a stronger SEC to rein in the Wall Street banks before they cause another crisis like 2008.

  29. Lloyd Graff

    Hi Alex,
    You know I despise Isis, Hezbollah and the rest of the maniacs who kill innocents with abandon under the name of Allah.
    The piece was aimed at the hypocrites in both parties who disappoint me so greatly. Trump and Sanders are remarkably similar in their simplistic arguments. Immigration was a vehicle to begin the piece and a topic that I and I believe you have a major nterest in.
    I thank God to live in America every day. I am also grateful for my Arab doctors who emigrated here and have given me so much.

    1. Alex Goldis

      Dear Lloyd,

      Thank you for your brief response. I am like you, very blessed to live in America. I want to make sure that aside from all other points I made, is that there is no difference between Progressive Democrat Hillary Clinton and Socialist Bernie Sanders, that is where we differ. Hillary Clinton’s pandering to the progressive Democrats does not address her stance on the constitution that binds the government to be limited in its power and scope of very well defined function.


      Alex Goldis

  30. Ron

    Legal is fine.
    Maybe this time around the “know nothings” and “the stupid electorate” of this presidential election cycle will get their/our way since the ones on the other side got theirs the last two go arounds.
    Lloyd, I wouldn’t consider you, a know nothing or stupid person but when it comes to politics and who you voted for before, I have to lump you into those same descriptions. Maybe you’ll get lucky and Hillary will get in there and she can put your buddy Obama on the supreme court since there is an opening now.
    Even if Trump gets in, he’ll probably run into a brick wall just like Rauner has in Illinois. Yes, I voted for him because he was not a lifetime politician and has a business background but what do I know? I’m was just a know nothing and stupid voter then who hasn’t learned anything.

  31. Don DeMaison

    Lloyd, easy does it! Don’t stress it is not good for the graft’s on your heart! I understand a little about bypass graft’s I had the LAD and RCH by passed 12/30/1999 by a Jewish doctor. I was scheduled to be at the plant because doomsday was about to befall the world! Remember Y2K? Enough of the reminiscing on to the business at hand.

    Donald Trump’s comment concerning Muslim immigration I believe was to ban it until we (the U.S.A.)”figure out what the hell is going on”. How can any thinking individual find fault with that comment. We, You and I (by virtue of our republic) allowed the 9-11 terrorist, Major Hasan, and the San Bernardino terrorist into the country; they were vetted and deemed worthy of entry, they were legal in every sense of the word; and We, You and I allowed them to unleash their devastating acts upon us.

    I guess I must be missing something in what the man said, “figure out what the hell is going on”. I did not hear Him call for a total absolute never ending ban rather a pause so that We, You and I can try to unravel why we are hated so much. Is it because of our defense of Israel? I am sure you remember Beirut, the Uss Cole, the olympics as I recall those attacks happened long before we invaded Iraq. Lloyd you must really stop listening to MSNBC and stop parroting the liberal left with respect to Donald Trump.

    Sure the guy is brash and obnoxious however he is saying things that people talk about at their kitchen tables every night at dinner. That is my take on the subject and I thank you for the opportunity to comment.

    Don DeMaison


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