Obama, the Secret Republican

By Lloyd Graff

Barack Obama is really the stealth Republican President. Had John McCain beaten Obama in 2008, had he not chosen Sarah Palin for VP, today, at the beginning of 2014 he could be so proud of the accomplishment of the “ironic” president Barack Obama, whose adherents generally see him as a failure to date. Obama has succeeded as a Republican disguised as a Democrat.

Look at the numbers. The stock market has doubled from 2008, and 2013 was one of the best years ever. Corporate profits have skyrocketed. Labor costs are quiet. Inflation has vanished. Home prices have recovered most of the post bubble drop.

For the wealthy, Obama’s five years have been a bonanza. It is hard to imagine a Republican like McCain or Mitt Romney being nearly so successful with a Democratic Senate.

The Democrats’ supposed agenda of income redistribution through healthcare change has so far been an abysmal failure, with the people the President needs to sign up, young healthy folks, so far shunning the awkward confusing process.

Obama’s one shining success, killing Bin Laden with a brilliant Navy Seal mission, is worthy of the Vietnam POW McCain.

The President has been Nixon-worthy in his handling of the NSA mess, shunning Edward Snowden and describing him as a criminal. Definitely worthy of a Bush presidency.

Obama’s party pushes for the $15 minimum wage, which has no chance of success. This is a good smokescreen for getting rid of extended unemployment benefits, another Republican success story thanks to Barack.

Income inequality, if it were a GOP goal, is definitely in vogue thanks to Obama. Because of ObamaCare smaller companies keep employees below 50 people and restaurants and other service businesses keep hours under 30 per week. What a plan Obama must have had as he prepared his secret agenda to screw the people who thought they were electing a Liberal.

What I do not know is whether Obama is a genius or a moron. Did he secretly plan to become the Great Black Hope of rich Americans or was he subverted by a cabal of sneaky brilliant right-wingers?

Frankly, I don’t think Republicans are smart enough to have engineered this coup. But that cagey old Democrat, Warren Buffet, and his bridge partner, Bill Gates, could have pulled it off.

Question: Is Obama inept or shrewd?

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38 thoughts on “Obama, the Secret Republican

  1. Greg Knox

    If you are going to give him credit for the temporarily inflated stock market please be sure to remember him when that bubble pops after we stop printing $85+ BILLION a month in this heroin overdose of “STIMULUS” that our great great great grandchildren will be paying for…(DEARLY)

    1. Jac

      Why aren’t we paying for it, Greg?
      Why aren’t we raising taxes to pay for it? Why are we NOT creating jobs to increase revenue to pay for it? Why aren’t cutting out subsidies to wealthy oil companies and wall st. to pay for it?
      Your worried about grandchildren? I’m worried about children NOW, starving or homeless. Our vets, what about them? Don’t we have to take care of them after we spent $1.7 trillion on bush’s war in iraq that was based on lies? Many vets are homeless and we just cut food stamps which many of them received. I wouldn’t worry so much about your grandchildren because we are teaching them well…just kick the can down the road. The only problem is, I want that money given to the wealthy to create jobs that they didn’t create the jobs with back in our pockets to help solve our current problems all started by right wing idiots and their policies. Obama is too much the centrist with his own agenda. Sure, what President doesn’t want more jobs and a thriving economy but faced with utter obstruction, what exactly is he going to do? Wave a wand? That didn’t work five years ago when he was elected and couldn’t make things better overnight.

  2. Pete

    This president has set policies that cannot be sustained. While you have argued here these are republican ideas and policies; I would argue they are mash of lib and conservative. The policies have created a short term gain, which you are calling republican-type; but they are at the expense of the long term sustainability, lib-type. No one wants to feel pain (hard political policies), but we have lived without any for so long that there is no tolerance for it at all. Start a conversation about sustainable currency, goods, and services, then the tough decisions start. That can’t happen because that means pain and politicians do not get elected for being honest.

    1. rob klauber

      Excellent post. If we really want to do something about the enormous deficit, it means simply that we have to cut spending which will indeed create a short run (hopefully) recession. But its always the same refrain. We can’t do it now because it’ll hurt the economy. Later will never come. Corporate greed is worse than social entitlements – which has also really gotten out of hand since 2008.. Isn’t it amazing that we are even having the debate with large corporations in Illinois who are threatening to leave if we don’t allow them to keep the state income taxes that are coming out of their employees’ checks. In other words – just steal from the employees, or the state. However you want to look at it. The only thing that I agree with Madigan on.

  3. Dave Bradley

    I usually have great respect for your opinions. But since they legalized “pot” in your state in the past week, I now see that drugs will make you stupid. Neither party wants to lay claim to Obahama. He has done more damage to this country in 5 years than good has been done in the last 150. As soon as Obahama finds out you said something good about him, he will figure a way to piss you off.

    1. Josh

      I know plenty of pot smokers with Master’s degrees. Why don’t you set aside the tripe you’ve been fed about pot from the law-enforcement industrial complex and do some actual research. Keep bashing pot while people suck down bud lights and shots of whiskey until they kill someone in a car wreck. Yeah, you’re a real bright critical thinker aren’t you?

  4. Emily Halgrimson Post author

    I signed up for ObamaCare and thought the process was simple and the Web site worked fine. I saved about $100 a month and now have the health insurance I couldn’t justify shelling out for before the law. The cost of living keeps rising and wages keep stagnating. We have a problem with empathy in this country. The rich can no longer imagine the struggle for basic necessities.

    1. Josh

      An ACA success story? Better break out the blinders and ear-muffs! LA LA LA LA LA LA I can’t hear you! /s

      1. Dallas

        I just renewed my company’s medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Instead of the 6% increase in premiums we expected with our current plan, the ACA plan for comparable coverage is a 41% increase. My company pays 95% of the employees’ premiums and cannot afford to swallow the increase. So, we bought less coverage (higher out-of-pocket exposure) at a 20% increase.
        Further, since my company offers a plan to its qualifying (full-time) employees they are disqualified from selecting a plan on their own and receiving the subsidies, even though the younger, less compensated ones would otherwise qualify.
        Affordable? Not according to my checkbook.

  5. Ed

    The Rich have gotten Richer and the poor poorer. More on food stamps than any other time in history. The Democrats are really about creating a nation of Serfs but thinly veil it as “Helping the poor”.

    Its all about keeping the Ruling-Class in power.

  6. Rob K

    A failed Liberal does not a Republican make.

    Obama, to his credit, has created sustained growth in 4 areas..

    1) America’s debt
    2) Unemployment
    3) Number or wars we are involved in (hence the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded in advance of doing anything.)
    4) The fuel bill for Air Force One to ferry his wife halfway around the world whenever she feels like it.

    1. Josh

      1) Okay, this is true.
      2) Where are your numbers to support this? In my state unemployment has gone down and as far as I know the rate across the country is down as well. Are the numbers fudged? I’m sure, but they’ve always been fudged, therefore the rate is down.
      3) This is just stupid. We were engaged in one short conflict in Libya and have nearly ended the war in Iraq. As for engagement in Syria I agree it’s a bad idea, but let’s not forget there were plenty of Republicans foaming at the mouth to get involved there as well. So all in all, we have one less major ongoing conflict. Also, I can almost guarantee you were drinking the Iraq War koolaid a decade ago.
      4) Just like every single president since Airforce one has existed. Grow the hell up.

      1. Rob K


        A quick reply and I will let this drop. We all know the jokes about arguing on the internet.

        I agree that most administrations fudge unemployment numbers, but welfare and unemployment payments are way up and that has been well documented and reported by most media. High unemployment and cities going bankrupt are most prevalent in States with Dem governors. States with Rep governors, right to work policies, and those keeping the EPA off their backs long enough to drill or mine for energy are doing well.

        Since we “helped” overthrow Khadaffi, oil production there is down 90%. That has fueled a lot of unemployment and civil unrest in Libya. I will try not to mention Benghazi.

        Afghanistan is an unwinnable hot mess. The Russians proved this 20+ years ago when it was referred to as their Viet Nam.

        Kerry’s “brilliant” negotiations with Syria made Putin a hero and Assad look reasonable. Meanwhile they just missed the deadline on all their promises. Gee, I’m stunned.

        I haven’t had Koolaid since I was a Cub Scout. It would ruin the taste of good Vodka. I was against the Iraq war then and now. If the actions of one or more dictators will not affect the health and well being of my grandchildren’s grandchildren, let them kill each other without our help.

        Michelle Obama seems to use Air Force One separately more than any other First Lady. She stayed in Hawaii for an extra few days. I don’t think she is returning on JetBlue.

        Every time Obama drains a swamp, the country is up to it’s ass in alligators and then he blames the rich, the republicans, and/or Bush.

        I don’t hate him, he is just inept and unqualified for the job.

        Bottom line, you don’t hire Brain surgeons or Presidents who get their positions through Affirmative Action.

    2. Are Bee

      A little FACT check on the internet goes a long way… however if it does not verify your position perhaps it’s irrelevant: With the attention Michelle Obama has received for her various trips – and they no doubt have cost taxpayers some significant chunks of change – you might be surprised at the results of National Taxpayers Union Foundation’s (NTUF’s) peek into our two most recent First Ladies’ international travelling habits.

      Michelle Obama has already traveled 72 days abroad up to this point. Certainly not an insignificant total, and her first term tally of 55 days abroad is more than President Reagan spent abroad in his first term.

      Yet, Michelle’s two-term travel record will almost assuredly fail to keep pace with Laura Bush’s record-setting feat.

      The former First Lady racked up a two-term total of 212 days abroad. Her second term included 135 days of international travel, which is more time than her husband, George W. Bush, spent abroad during the same time period!

      In fact, if you compare Laura Bush to the Presidents, she is currently the third most internationally traveled of that group, behind Bill Clinton and her husband – though President Obama will likely push her back to fourth in a few years.

  7. Lloyd Graff

    The genesis of this piece was Steven Ratner’s article in the NY Times which we put on the TMW site. Ratner, who after his Wall Street career was Obama’s point man on the auto bailout, discussed Obama’s record ruefully, especially about how the Rich have prospered over the last five years and the Poor have suffered. In my mind, the dumb policies put forth by Obama have generally had the opposite effect from what they naively intended, thus the “iconic” president has become the “ironic” one. The first Black President has really damaged the economic lives of black people who often are in the poorer cohort because they are counter to higher employment and opportunity.

    1. Josh

      People on both sides of the political spectrum in this country would rather listen to the party cheerleaders than facts and reason it would seem. No where is this more apparent to me sometimes than in the responses to your blog. People are so caught up in their rivalry with the other party they will throw everything else, including the convictions of their own party out the window for sake of defeating the other team. Politics in this country is more of a spectacle these days than the Super Bowl with just as much rallying. People don’t support policy any more, they support their party and whoever is in that party leadership. It’s really sad. Most of these responses are just blanket defenses of the Republicans and trying to blame Obama and Democrats for all ills. Ignored is any analysis of Obama policy to Republican policy for the past 30 years. I’m guilty of it too although I try not to but the media is so effective at whipping up support for the party. The single party in this country with two heads, the status quo party which has it’s Republican arm and Democratic arm fully in force to subjugate the American people and prop up the ruling class of rich in the current American Oligarchy.

  8. Jerry Johnson


    He’s a failure, so he’s a Republican?? The logic escapes me.

    Your total lack of a grasp of basic economics makes a compelling argument for me to stop writing. But….

    The entire gaggle of politicians in Washington have no skin in the game. It’s the American Taxpayer’s money that they are redistributing, and debilitating our Country in the process; doesn’t cost them personally one thin dime, and potentially gets them re-elected by the ignorant masses who want the free stuff. Gotta’ keep the free ride going !!

    Obama is an inept sock puppet. Show me his credentials that support a contrary position. Good luck with that one!!!

    He really doesn’t like you Lloyd (you and your family are one of the top 4% ers), he despises Israel, he and Valery love Iran (of course that’s her roots) so on a net net basis, I am at a total loss as to how you can deflect his incompetence by writing something like this.

  9. Eric

    Maybe he is just a terrible president. This is true regardless if you follow a liberal or conservative ideology. He has created the biggest split between blacks and whites since the 1960’s and the biggest split between rich and poor since the depression. He has not been able to get any cooperation to happen between the Democrats and Republicans and is unable to get anything accomplished with the exception of the deeply flawed universal healthcare mandate. He is basically the great divider who is quick to blame everybody but himself for these issues even though he is captain of the ship. Also unemployment of young adults is going to have serious lifetime repercussions for this segment of the population. He is just a crappy president. And I’m allowed to have this opinion without being racist for feeling this way despite what I’m told by the media. Give me a moderate who is able to broker negotiations that result in actions any day over this clown or the last clown either.

  10. John

    Unintended consequences.
    Ideals may be commendable, but the reality is for all the hyperbola regarding helping the little guy, legislation and regulation almost invariably ends up benefiting the big and diminishing the weak.
    Do our political leaders believe the lie, or are they in on the lie?
    How hard do you have to wish, to wish water up hill?
    Hard enough to wish water uphill.

  11. Rich D

    The entire political arena in the country is a joke, whether you call yourself a Republican or Democrat those are the facts. With two parties always bashing one another and not working together this will continue to go on for decades if not centuries. There is so much corruption and unaccounted for spending this country will always be underwater. This country is in much better shape now then it was when Bush was in office. There needs to be major changes made to the political and government structure in this country before either party can make significant changes that will impact our great great great grandchildren. Be thankful you live in this great country and not some other war stricken hole.

  12. Lloyd Graff

    Tom, I should have added that. Firearms and ammo sales have gone through the roof during his presidency after an offhand remark about gun control went viral and people thought he would press hard for gun control. Definitely an irony. Also interesting that with the acceleration of gun buying and despite horrible events like Newtown, gun deaths are going down in big cities.

    1. Eric

      Isn’t it ironic that when the law abiding citizens buy more guns and ammo that crime goes down. Less easy targets. Common sense will always prevail in the face of endless liberal policies.

  13. Art Santana

    What a way to start the year! Is this a great country or what? 3 more years and we will be talking/blaming/finger pointing/passing the buck to Hillary or Marco or Christie but we will still not get along. There is just no middle anymore. Am I on the minority (no pun intended) that wishes we start seeing the other side of view more and compromise? If nothing else, for the better of the country. I hate to keep saying that we are looking more and more like the Roman Empire and we will be the cause of our own demise.

  14. Kelly Hagberg

    How does that line go “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you”
    Lloyd I don’t think your in the middle but for the entertainment value this blog has been great.
    Keep up the great commentary until we get term limits we are stuck with the jokers and clowns in Washington and Springfield.
    Oh the credit goes to Stealers Wheel one outstanding song from my generation, at least we are leaving our grand children some decent music. Unfortunately I’m not very proud of what we are doing to our future generations.

  15. Jim Goerges

    There you go again… Let’s talk about the ACA, what about special treatment to congress and government employees that was passed Oct., 2013, guess they finally got around to reading it! Where’s the outrage that millions lost there insurance, what would have happened if a republican did that? Why did OBAMA say it is now OK to kill the national bird, where is the outrage from the left? Let’s talk about Ben Gazi, how great is your commander in chief now, for that matter, the sec. of state, Hillory. Obama did not pass legislation for President Bush to increase the budget deficet, he said that was irresponsible, guess it is ok now. Do you really think Obama had anything to do with the stock market, really? I do agree with you, on one thing, the rich are richer, and the poor are poorer, but that’s not someone elses fault, unless you’re a democrat. Republican’s didn’t vote him into office. This is just a verbal ploy to distance OBAMA from Hillory, and you like that. Oh, does the press treat him like a republican? So like most good democrats Lloyd, it is still the republican’s fault, in my opinion you’re politically pathetic and also a good democrat, I’ll give you that much.

    1. Rich D

      It will be fun to see what puppets each parts props up in front of the Nation come next election. Maybe the republican will find some that can win or maybe eight years is not enough time for this country to forget the eight years under Bush that may take decades. What every they do they cant come in with the same BS they have been trying to sell the last two elections its like trying to sell us a Yugo and tell us a good car how dumb do they think we are. Either way it will be entertaining to watch, its always great sitting back and watching Democrats and Republicans bash one another and claim that one party will make a huge difference that’s BS. I have been in the same tax bracket for 15 years my house and 401k are worth more now then they ever have, the company I work for has never seen bigger years of growth and profit then the last 5 years, lets hope who ever get elected doesn’t screw that up. If either party really had an answer why would they spend a year bashing the other candidates from there own party only then to join together and forget what has been said in the past year, then come in for a big group huge and start bashing the other parties idea. Classic I’m glad I don’t run my business like we run government.

      1. Are Bee

        Government is not to be run like a business… otherwise we would outsource everything for the highest margins… unemployment, poverty, war, crime, national security, education (need I list more) and the like would be non-issues. Do you consider any of these effects when you make your ‘business’ decisions?

  16. Michael G

    The stock market would have recovered no matter who was in office. Private industry manages to survive and thrive if run by conservative principles. Minimal debt, resharpening skills, and keeping in touch with the realities of the business they engage in. Business does not thrive when bogged down by intrusive government policy and mandate.

    I am personally embarrassed by the last four Presidents we have (had).
    #1 Bush Sr. Smug aloof and helped out his cronies in the savings and loan scandal bail out. Credit to him for ending Gulf War and not perpetuating it.
    #2 Clinton, Philander, Profiteer of Presidents Reagan’s legacy. ”I did not inhale” I have more respect for some one that just admits ”hey I smoked some weed back in the day” than some who says they ”did not inhale” If you cannot be honest or keep a secret can you be trusted running our country? Plus his definition of ”sex” come on now.
    #3 Bush Jr. Champion ”Chicken hawk” president. From Wikipedia Chickenhawk (also chicken hawk and chicken-hawk) is a political term used in the United States to describe a person who strongly supports war or other military action (i.e., a war hawk), yet who actively avoided military service when of age. Yes Bush Jr. enlisted and was in the Texas Air Guard or what ever but come on, even JFK was a Commander on a PT boat in WW-2. Jr. is also King of helping out big business on the backs of little businesses. Remember the bail outs of Wall Street, Banks & GM & Chrysler? Who’s paying for it. You got it you and me and our great grand children will be. And finally you would think he would take some public speaking classes and sound presidential instead of some uneducated bozo at the microphone.
    #4 Obama, He’s from where? Lets start off birth place. Got nothing to hide then show it and shut every one up. We have a law that speaks to that exact issue. Now where has he lived most of his adult live and whom has he associated with. Chicago, Illinois. Illinois Leading the nation in convicted politicians.
    William Ayers (neighbor and anti-american terrorist who helped launch his career, leader of a group which bombed the pentagon)
    Bernardine Dohrn (neighbor and anti-american terrorist who helped launch his career, leader of a group which bombed the pentagon)
    Larry Walsh (neighbor and criminal under investigation by the FBI)
    Louis Farrakhan (neighbor and race baiting leader of the nation of Islam)
    Reverend Wright (race baiting spiritual mentor who espouses black liberation theology and was his pastor for 20 years, baptizing his children and conducting is marriage ceremony)
    Tony Rezko (neighbor and Criminal under investigation Now in Jail)
    The Rathke brothers, founders of ACORN (Anti-American group which funded his community organizing)
    Franklin Raines (Exec of FM, economic advisor)
    Jim Johnson (Exec of FM, economic advisor)
    Saul Alinsky (mentor, author of Rules for Radicals, an anti-american instruction book in which he dedicated to satan)
    Khalid Al-Mansour (Radical who advocated the murder of white people repeatedly, helped Obama gain admission into Harvard)
    Raila Odinga (Cousin and leader in Kenya conducting genocide of opposition)
    Percy Sutton (Malcolm X’s lawyer)
    MoveOn.org (Anti-American/Socialist website)
    Code Pink
    Penny Pritzker(Pro-Iranian Supporter)
    Susan L. Rosenberg (WeatherUnderground Terrorist)
    Mike Klonsky (WeatherUnderground Terrorist)
    Father Flagler (Radical racist advocating black liberation theology)
    American Action Network (AAAN) (an Anti-Israel Group)
    Rashid Khalidi (Founder of AAAN and Radical Racist Muslim).
    Ali Abunimah (Serves On The Board Of Directors For AAAN)
    Aiham Alsammarae (Conficted Felon (corruption) Obama tried to jeep out of jail)
    Nadhmi Auchi (An Iraqi Billionaire, Associate/Friend)
    Howard Machtinger
    Jeff Jones
    Steve Tappis
    Mark Rudd
    David Wilhelm
    Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) Currently in Jail the 8 Governor so far in the history of illinois 4th in my lifetime to be convicted and sent to jail.
    Valerie Jarrett
    Hunter Biden
    Federico Peña
    Steve Branchflower
    Joseph Cari
    Gregory Craig
    Lester Crown
    Allison Davis
    Frank Marshall Davis
    Chris Dodd
    Kim Elton
    Richard Daley
    Marilyn Katz ’60s radical , now an Obama fundraiser, strategist and public relations maven. She is also a longtime aquaintance of Ayers and another link between BO and Ayers

    41 personal associations with radicals.
    6 associations with radical, anti-american groups.

    So far these groups and personal associations:

    1. Got him into Harvard.
    2. Got him a job.
    3. Got him a home.
    4. Got him into politics.
    5. Baptized his Children.
    6. Conducted his marraige ceremony.

    When will the embarrassment end?

    May I suggest a Libertarian this next time around?

  17. Lloyd Graff

    Michael G,

    So you describe Penny Pritzker as Pro Iranian supporter? I doubt the Jewish United Fund would agree with you.

    This kind of guilt by association stuff you indulge in is laughable. You also completely missed the point of the piece.

    I am highly disappointed in Obama but your conspiracy references are silly.

    Incidentally, I went to school with Saul Alinsky’s son David, a genuinely nice kid. One of his son’s is a Rabbi. I must be some cwazy wabid used machinery dealer by association.

  18. Don

    The problem with your article is that you see all these issues with making the Rich richer & selling political influence for power as Republican characteristics, instead of the result of the political system we’ve allowed to evolve.

    It’s like discussing the morals of the thief depending on which hand he used to pick your pocket!

    Obama has failed in almost every aspect of his Presidency and even his most adamant apologists are becoming disenchanted with his shtick. The next Democrat candidate can follow his pattern and run on the platform of “I’m NOT my predecessor”!

    Obama’s results are simply mirroring the results that historically occur in every time his politics have been enacted. You can’t assign his party affiliation because of the results: He’s not a Republican because of his failures, he’s a socialist because of his intent.


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