Rick Wagoner Should Remain GM's President For Life

I had always seen GM head, Rick Wagoner, as a figure like Leonid Brezhnev, the Russian Premier who just seemed like he would rule forever. When Wagoner was finally ousted from GM on March 30th, I was compelled make a video blog to reflect upon the man’s contributions to his company. If Wagoner did remain GM’s ruler for life, what would be the arguments to justify his reign?

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One thought on “Rick Wagoner Should Remain GM's President For Life

  1. Bill Moore

    Look fella,Wagoner ran GM into the ground.During the last four years the company lost fortune after fortune. It was time for him to go, why the board put up with him as long as it did
    is beyond me. He couldn’t even put forth a viable business plan to congress to continue to receive bailouts. And not for a minute do I believe the right wing propaganda stating the reason for him being ousted was because of the models he wanted to make. Pure incompetence will no longer be rewarded in this country.


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