I’ll Take What I Can Get

By Lloyd Graff

Lisa Goldman is living with a Stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis. She writes a blog called Every Breath I Take, aimed at people like herself.

In her latest piece she talks about surpassing five years on her medication, which she says has a “median effective time of 18 months.” She says she knows of less then six people in the world with her diagnosis who have been on her medication that long or longer. She writes, “It is oddly isolating, way, way, out here on this ever-narrowing branch with this ever-dwindling number of fellow-travelers. My doctors keep telling me the branch will break at some point, and the longer I’m here, the closer I am to that breaking point, prompting the doctors to be more and more vigilant with me, rather than less.”

Lisa Goldman knows she’s not cured, yet she writes, “The truth is, it is hard not to get a little comfortable out on this narrow limb. As I drift ever closer to a likely recurrence, I also log more and more days, weeks and months and years without one, strengthening my ability to paradoxically feel positive and hopeful for a miracle. I’m not naive, but I have tracked myself into an unlikely optimism. I’m locked in a positivity paradox. And, frankly? Like my husband often says: I’ll take what I can get.”

Me too. I’ll take it.

Happy Thanksgiving. It’s a great gift to be able to feel good and celebrate in America.

Question: What is one thing that makes you happy to be alive?

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6 thoughts on “I’ll Take What I Can Get

  1. Betty

    Such a fitting story for Thanksgiving Eve. My mom always said to me that if you have your health you have everything and this is never far from my thoughts. I feel blessed today for my good health and for my loving family. I know how fortunate I am to live in this wonderful country and to be surrounded by my large and loving family!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family Lloyd!

    1. Noah

      Thanks Betty! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

      Definitely for me it’s my wife and family. Boooring answer, but that is what is the most important thing.

      1. Lloyd Graff

        Getting in bed at night, feeling my wife, Risa’s welcoming hand, and saying a silent prayer of thanks for the day and the companionship.

  2. Dennis Rosene

    I am happy to be alive and around my loving wife, family, friends.
    But I must say >>
    In all things give thanks … always.
    I have for many years and at times I wonder why I am, particularly after a mighty bad day.
    But the one thing that floats to the top is … man it is tough to pick one … but I would have to say being a 4+ year cancer survivor.
    So this goes out to all the Future Cancer Survivors,
    Hang tough, think good thoughts, keep your sense of humor, be thankful for all the support and the team that is accompanying you on your journey.

  3. r in nyc

    President Donald John Trump!!!

    Making America Great Again!!!

    I am so grateful that someone is standing up for the hard working CITIZENS of this country so that there is a FREE America, NOT socialist, NOT communist, but a functioning Constitutional Representative Republic, with equal application of law, looking out for the interests of LEGAL constituents, NOT for ILLEGALS, Globalists, and Foreign interests, BUT FOR the interests of my children and future generations to remain FREE!

    That said, I lost my father to cancer – he put up a good fight.
    My Mother is a 2x survivor and is approaching 90 this spring.
    May the Good Lord provide you all much strength!

    To you and yours, A Happy Thanksgiving Holiday and may you all stay safe!


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