The Big Three need to work on PR

By Noah Graff

Thanksgiving and the Friday after is when companies like to release elite news that they don’t want people to pay attention to. For instance, despite begging the U.S. government for a $25 billion bailout, Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally doesn’t want to lower his salary (he made $21 million last year). This stance was a definite public relations gaff after he was asked by congress if he would work for a dollar like the CEO from AIG, Edward Liddy.

Also, news was released that GM doesn’t want public tracking of its private jet, which it had been criticized for using when its CEO, Rick Wagoner, flew to Washington to beg for the bailout. More importantly GM revealed that it was studying a plan to sell or discontinue Saab, Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn, among other brands.


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