Tim Tebow. Enough Already?

Tim Tebow praying

I’ve been anxious to see Tim Tebow, the controversial Denver Broncos quarterback people love to hate because he is unabashedly committed to his religious faith and fearlessly shows it to the cynical press and doubters.

Tebow had been relentlessly mocked in Chicago going into Sunday’s game with the Bears, but once again he led an amazing comeback in the last few minutes to get to overtime and then win during the extra period. Tebow’s performance was miserable through the first three quarters, and terrific in the fourth. The Bears helped Denver by making bonehead plays and playing soft, “not to lose” football. Tebows’s Broncos have now won seven out of eight with Tebow as quarterback after starting the season 0-4 with Kyle Orton (now gone).

I was extremely eager to see the game because Tim Tebow has gotten so much press, mostly negative. America is so cynical about everything today. My view of pro-football has been shaped by movies like Al Pacino’s Any Given Sunday, and the novel Semi-Tough, by Dan Jenkins. Tebow is the anti anti-hero. Supposedly, Urban Meyer, the head football coach at the University of Florida, where Tebow won the Heisman as a sophomore, had his quarterback checked out by an investigator to see if he was who he said he was. Tebow, the devout Christian who put the number of Bible verses on the adhesive eye-black patches he wore, checked out.

Tebow occasionally goes to one knee to thank God during a game and will exalt by looking to the sky and lifting both arms like signaling his thanks to the Lord for a score.

Honestly, I was set to dislike him because I don’t think God really follows the NFL, but after watching him play I have to love the kid. Not for his authentic devotion to his God, but for his leadership and belief in himself on the field.

In the final quarter of the Bears/Broncos game you had a team with belief in itself, and a team with doubt.

Bill Parcells, the great coach, has said that in most games there is a moment when one team perseveres and the other gives up its belief in itself. This happened last Sunday. The Bears had the game, but inexplicably the veteran running back Marian Barber ran out of bounds when all he had to do was fall down to keep the clock moving.  The Bears had to punt, leading 10-7, but knowing that they faced a Denver team led by Tim Tebow that knew in its heart that it was going to win. And they did, with a last second tying field goal and an overtime field goal.

I rooted for the Bears, but I loved watching Tebow confidently lead players who obviously believed in him, and themselves.

Tebow does not have the great technical skills as a quarterback of an Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady, but he brings a palpable, authentic, belief to the playing field. You can feel an aura, even watching him on TV. A leader with authentic belief is a beautiful thing to observe. It doesn’t mean Tim Tebow, with a flawed throwing motion, is going to win the Super Bowl this year. But who am I to doubt it? The doctors said I had a slim chance of survival when I entered the hospital in heart failure three years ago.

Question: Do you think Tebow should restrain his religious demonstrations on the field?

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59 thoughts on “Tim Tebow. Enough Already?

  1. AvatarDoug Green

    It is not all about TEBOW! he has given this team new energy, but with out all the teammates he would just be another player. I like Tebow and support him 100%. He is young and has a great future ahead of him. Also this country was built on Christian beliefs so if he wishes to thanks the lord after a great play so be it.

  2. AvatarTom Hartman

    If demonstrating his religeous belief on the field makes him feel better, then he should do it. In a mixed audience (gender and age), it is much better than “dry humping” air, as some other players are prone to do. Besides, one of our country’s founding pillars is freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. If paying homage to the god of their religion, whatever that religion happens to be (Christianity included) makes any athelete feel better about themselves, then they should be able to do so in a non-disruptive manner, without fear of denigration or disparage. Whether we, as the audience, are “believers”, or not, we have no right to judge those who are sincere about their faith.

  3. AvatarJim Snyder

    He can do what ever he wants. Other players do many things that offend me but being that it is against God no one minds. If people are offended by what he does just means they are following the wrong God.

  4. AvatarRaul Castillo

    Tim Tibow should be able to express his faith anytime anywhere. I Admire his commitment to his faith. If it bothers people you have a choice on your TV remote. That’s America !!

  5. AvatarTim Killough

    I firmly believe Tim Tebow has a right to give prasie and glory to the GOD he believes in. He is a good quarterback and displays his Christian background honestly. He is also a good role model in a sport that has been seriously declining in honorable heroes in the past years. I for one would be glad to see more people unafraid to openly express their love for and gratitude to GOD. My hat is off to Tim Tebow, and I wish him continued success in the future.

  6. AvatarBob Cardoza

    Being a devout Miami Hurricane fan, I have never liked Tim Tebow as he was a Florida Gator. However, this kid is like a breath of fresh air in a league of show boating, monumental egos, arrogance and dare I say, thuggery. If he wants to thank the Lord for blessing him with his talents, then I say, Go For It Tebow..and God bless you..! This kid is as genuine as they come. I am a believer and have already asked Santa for my #15 Bronco Jersey..!! Merry Christmas all..!

  7. AvatarPaul Culp

    I was all prepared to dislike Tim Tebow when he first went to Florida because all the hype. When I found out what his true character was, I became a fan. He has a great deal of talant, is an extremely hard worker and is an extremely good person. How can you not like the young man?

  8. AvatarDon Sweigert

    More power to HIM and Tebow.
    With the current attack by our own government on our founding fathers beliefs, we need to start firing back and stand firm.

  9. AvatarChris Brandon

    Tebow should continue to praise our God. He is a true American and showing his thanks is what America was built on.

  10. AvatarChuck Caldwell

    This is a free country, or at least mostly free. 1st amendment gives him these right’s. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercising thereof: or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.” My hat is off to Tim Tebow, and hope he and his team continue to kick butt!!

  11. AvatarJoe

    Given all the other crappy celebrations, gyrating this and gyrating that, the constant commercials during games for ED and the like, I prefer Tebow.

  12. AvatarGuy Carter

    Absolutely NOT! He is only in his early 20’s & shows the maturity way beyond his years. What incredible Parenting. Maybe his spirit & attitude will rub off on many people & make us a better Nation.
    “God Bless the USA,Tim & his Bronco Team”

  13. AvatarGuy Carter

    BTW: I am a devout Alabama Fan but have always admired Tim Tebow & was appalled at Bama fans or any other fans who jeered him when he showed his emotion in the SEC title game in 09 when losing to Bama.Those people should be ashamed & ask for forgiveness.

  14. AvatarLynn

    Enough of Tim Tebow? Never. I hope Santa brings me his autobiography for Christmas. But, I have had enough of NFL players who are convicted criminals and still allowed to play.

  15. Avatarjohn Otto

    Absolutely not. The NFL has gotten out of hand with all the taunting, excessive celebration and the me mentality.

    Every time a linebacker makes a sac – it’s the second coming. Every touchdown gets a new dance routine. Cam Newton scores and he’s Superman. So what if Tebow wants to bend a knee to thank who in his mind is responsible for it all.

    With an 0-4 start without Tebow, followed by 7-8 with Tebow, Marion Braber inexplicably running out of bounds then fumbling, ridiculously long field goals…

    Makes you wonder.

  16. AvatarAl Riley

    Tim Tebow is a breath of fresh air his drive and commitment to his religon and team are
    honest and real, with all the gang bangers in basketball today Tim Tebow is a much better sports figure for kids to look up to. Good Luck Tim !!!!!

  17. Avatarmike

    I root for Tim Tebow also and I hope he sticks to his guns, there should be more young men like him and less of the “Thugs” we have to put up with. Here is a simple question, who would you like your daughter to bring home, Tim Tebow or Ocho Cinco? Enough said.

  18. AvatarTodd Miller

    It’s refreshing to see such innocence in a league that has been degraded for the better part of the past decade by inappropriate and unsportsmanlike gestures following touchdowns or other big plays. I also like his gracious attitude toward playing in the NFL compared ot the entitlement mentality which is all too common among today’s players. I hope the Broncos win the rest of their games, save a possible playoff matchup against my Steelers.

  19. AvatarJoe

    I’m with everyone else so far! God bless Tim Tebow!
    Most people seem to forget that Christianity is still an
    acceptable faith in the USA. All of the politically correct
    wonks only seem to want to rant against Tebow for that
    reason. If he practiced a different, more politically correct
    faith, no one would comment. He isn’t slandering anyone or
    any part of the game. He’s just thanking God first for his
    and his team mates success on the field. He shows great
    moral character in doing so. By the way, I’m not a Denver
    fan, I’m a Cowboys fan!!!

  20. AvatarJoe

    I am not much fo a fan of Tebow’s, but I do respect the fact in what he beleives and how he shows it. Its OK to knock the snot out of somebody and do a dance, but its not OK to throw a touchdown pass and do the prayer thing. huh
    For all you liberals & atheists out there “don’t watch him”.
    Obviously he does not care what we think.

  21. AvatarR Ethridge

    This is the US of A, and he can thank anyone he wants. I also agree with the posters who decry the unseemly demonstrations seen regularly in the NFL. Frankly, however, what does religion have to do with football? When Tebow thanks God for a touchdown pass, there is a defensive end with the same faith whose prayers went unanswered. Does God choose sides, care, influence events, or even exist? Those should be the questions we ask.

  22. AvatarR Corwin

    I absolutely support Tim Tebow demonstrating his happiness with life and love of God. If everyone felt the values to which Tim Tebow aspires, there would be little trouble in this world. There is a wonderful article written in the December 10-11 weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal which helps us know more about who Tim Tebow is. He is an amazing and inspiring individual!

  23. AvatarBryan

    God likely doesn’t follow the NFL. But he does follow the lives of those who profess him as savior. Which means he is interested in Tebow’s life and career wherever that may be.
    Not a Tebow fan or Bronco’s fan. But I love his unabashed expression of his beliefs.
    From what I can see in the above responses so far; everyone else supports Tebow’s actions. Why can’t more people stand up to defend him and his actions publicly?
    Why is this OK for the media to blast him? Why should they be focusing on more lude actions? Prayer and praise is offensive? really?

  24. AvatarChris

    People ridicule what they don’t understand. If his critics had God in their lives, they would understand his devotion to praise God. Unfortunately, too many people put themselves above all other things. It’s nice to see an athlete who “walks the walk” and is looking to be a positive influence in the world. It’s not what he does on the field that matters, it is how he lives his life off the field.

    A simple way to quiet the naysayers, ask them:
    Would you rather have your children turn out like Tim Tebow or Adam “Pacman” Jones?

  25. Avataramerican-american

    I can’t wait for the day when he wins a championship game and his entire team drops to their knees in prayer with him. Let the world be their witness. AMEN!

  26. AvatarDeborah Rudy

    With all the positive comments here, you’ve got to wonder if any “real people” out there object to Tebow’s public displays of faith, or if only the cynical media are creating an issue from their own biases and discomfort with a public figure who is untainted by scandal and pure of heart.

    How many other things get spun for us this way by the media? Maybe it’s even worse than I

  27. AvatarJon Gruber

    @Jim Snyder “If people are offended by what he does just means they are following the wrong God.”

    How Christian of you. So if they’re not following your God, it’s the wrong God, am I right?

    I’m glad Tebow shows his religion without fear of criticism. It’s good for the sport, and maybe even the nation. One has to love his talent, determination, and leadership skills.

    Your phrasing really rubbed me the wrong way, though. “Following the wrong God”. You probably worded it that way totally subconsciously, too, which is the worst part.

    Don’t feign racial and/or religious tolerance when you’re a closet bigot. To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised that nobody has called you on that already.

  28. AvatarDoug

    You see it all the time what athletes thank God first when being interviewed after a great game, but the interviewer trys to skim over it, but the player won’t let him. You can tell the only hype out there is the media. God doesn’t sell comercial spots, contraversy does.

  29. AvatarPhillip

    I think it is nice to see someone in the public eye that today’s kids can look up to.
    I would rather see Tim Tebow showing his faith in GOD and being thankful
    than have someone in public eye drinking, doing drugs, getting arrested and only dressing up in a suit to appear in court.

    Hopefully he will lead the way for other roll models to show faith!

    The reason I think it is ok is because he is not saying you have to be this way,
    he is just showing everyone that he is through his actions and proving that it is a good way to live.

  30. AvatarKen

    Why should he restrain his views? Just because he’s a Christian?
    If he were Muslim or any other religion he wouldn’t restrain his views and the ACLU would be there to fight for him.
    As a Christian he will have to swim up stream. Good for him.
    I support him.

  31. AvatarMark


  32. AvatarDennis

    I say leave Tim Tebow alone. There are a lot of better things to adjust your attention too, instead of Tebow. Leave him alone and let him be who he wants. Go fix employment, taxes, debt and world affairs. I think Tim is a distraction to those who give excuses for not fixing these other things.

  33. AvatarDave

    His type of play and emotion is the reason I prefer college football over the professional game. If he wants to shows his feelings and his not in anybodies face doing it, I don’t really care what he does. He is fun to watch, but the kicker was really one who beat the Bears with two long fieldgoals.

  34. AvatarGreg Knight

    Do you think Tebow should restrain his religious demonstrations on the field?

    This is professional sports. As long as what Tebow does is within the rules (limits) of the game, why should he further limit his expression? NFL players have been taking a knee long before Tebow arrived and they didn’t get this kind of notoriety….I guess his is more stylized.

    I do hope all those who support Tebow’s expression aren’t too surprised when a man of Muslim faith falls to both knees and prostrates himself toward Mecca. It’s bound to happen as long as it within the rules.

    Let the NFL sort it out. Enjoy the onfield performance, not what goes on between the plays. it’s sports entertainment..

  35. AvatarJim Clark

    I have followed his career at Florida and totally enjoyed everything about him! Maybe he will instill a new willingness in the world to stand up and be counted. Praise God for his talent and devotion to our Lord and Savior. For any of you nonbelievers out there please read John 3:16

  36. Lloyd GraffLloyd Graff

    Holy Tim Terrific. A record for posts.

    Why does Tebow touch a nerve in our readers. Even beats Michael Jackson and LeBron’s tattoos.

    I think Tebow is a bit like Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life. We look for good men challenged and see how they react in a cynical world. Personally, I could do without Tebow’s religiosity, but he comes across as a such a good and authentic kid that it makes him inspiring to teammates and fans, much like the fictional Capra character.

    Tim, I don’t care if you lose. In a way, I look forward to seeing how you react to defeat. I hope your humility wears well in the inevitable losses to come.

  37. AvatarGus Madison

    It would not be possible for me to care any less for sports but I applaud what you say this young man is doing in praise of God.
    Think about these two scriptures: Luke 12:9 “But he who disowns me before men will be disowned before the angels of God” and also Luke 9:26 “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.”
    Everyone will bow down on their knee to God someday, today is a good day to start!

  38. AvatarSteve Thompson

    Keep it up Tim Tebow. I appreciate his willingness to Stand up for his faith and not to bow to pressure from our society, which mistakenly believes that we should be free from religion. Our society wants to exalt everything foul, wierd and perverted, and try to silence anything to do with God, Faith and values. Thanks Tim.

  39. AvatarHerb

    He has his rights which is protected by our “Bill of Rights.” I find other celebrations more offensive. Most of them are by losing teams anyway. I think that if he can instill believe in his team that they can win then by all means let him pray, preach or even do Yoga!

  40. AvatarMatt Klecka

    Before Lloyd chimed in again, I was thinking to myself, “Self, this has to be a record for posts on this blog.” It speaks volumes to the power of Tebow. Amen to everyone who’s said it and I’ll say it again – God bless Tim Tebow!

  41. Lloyd GraffLloyd Graff

    TMW Swarfblog has an incredible community of readers. This is the 50th comment on this blog, a new record for us plus 25 on the previous one about the usefulness of college directly after high school. Hopefully this demonstrates the sense of trust and community that you feel with this email approach and our respect for your opinions. Keep reading my friends. You’re going to like the next one, I think.


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