The Simple Things

by Emily Halgrimson

There’s nothing like an ailing economy to force people to enjoy the simple things in life. While cutting back on satellite radio subscriptions, trimming cell phone bills and upping Netflix use, we can reassess needs versus wants, not a clear distinction for most Americans. We often leave reflective periods liberated and relieved; knowing things are more balanced than before. What’s going on in people’s lives is also in happening in the flailing economy. It’s a time to clean up. By trying to stop this down time are we losing a chance to regroup the country for the better?

Is it possible to have ups without downs, and expect the ups to continue?

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2 thoughts on “The Simple Things

  1. Jerry Klein

    I don’t know if John Q. Public wants to be balanced anymore. If they want to be happy, they will pursue balance. But if all they want to is to be entertained, amazed, titillated, shocked, outrageous, revered, declared “the winner”, stylish, popular, beautiful, unique, rich, and young, then balance can only be preserved through artificial means, all of which cost money. Boredom is a false enemy. The real culprit is laziness. We have eaten of the tree, because we were forced to walk past it one too many times.


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