To Your Good Health – Insurance

By Lloyd Graff

First of all, I consider myself an Independent fiscally conservative Republican. I voted for Reagan, Dole and George Bush (both of them). But I am disgusted with the negativity of the Republicans on health care reform. The decision to demonize the Democrats for political gain saddens me. As I read the key features of the final law, it is a lot more centrist than the “sky is falling” GOP partisans have labeled it. There is no public option, it gives help to small businesses and aids less affluent uncovered people. It eliminates the insurance blackball for a pre-existing condition, which has imprisoned so many people in jobs they do not want. This new law could unleash an entrepreneurial rush, because a lot of people will feel empowered to start a practice or a business if they know they can still obtain health insurance.

Am I worried about the unintended consequences of health care reform? Sure. Will the lefties regard this as the nose of the camel under the tent and attempt to expand it into a Canadian system? Of course. But the present system stinks. It begs for reform. The Republicans were cynical Rovians to turn their backs on the process. I fear it will backfire on them—badly.

Question: Do you think the new law will help you or hurt you, personally?

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35 thoughts on “To Your Good Health – Insurance

  1. Abdul Khatri

    You are right. Republicans are crying wolf. They are suffering from “why didn’t we think of that” remorse. So it will cost a few billions more. It will at least fix the things you mentioned.

  2. roque

    I’m sorry to say but you don’t sound like a republican or independent have you read
    the bill you are writing the democrats talking points. you should read the bill,I have always
    pay my own insurance why should I pay for someone else we have enough entilments on
    this country.

  3. Dave Atwood

    Sorry Lloyd, but this will not fix anything. There will be years of work ahead to correct this screw-up when all is said and done. I predict that after all the individual parts are chipped away, in ten years there will be nothing recognizable left of this bill.

  4. Debbie Rudy

    Lloyd, before we all decide that Republicans are cynics using the healthcare issue for political gain, I would urge you to look at HR 3790, introduced by Representative Mark Kirk, a moderate Republican from Chicago’s North Shore suburbs. No debate was allowed on the measure. The only choice the House was given was to vote on the Senate bill. Republicans don’t need to “demonize” Democrats here. The majority’s own repugnant behavior has accomplished that, all on its own. I consider myself politically independent. I look at this situation and wonder why anyone thinks that the minority party has to say one word to sway opinion about the bad behavior and unethical conduct exhibited by those in power. Americans are a lot smarter than you think. They read, listen watch, and think. And they don’t like the conclusions that have been reached. By the way, I think that this reform bill is a bad bill, and I don’t think it will improve my health care, or the healthcare situation of most Americans in the near or long term.

  5. Danny Hogge Sr.

    I disagree.I am worried about the long range cost with the bill .
    The tax burdens that are falling and will continue to mount on we the contributing working people..
    Next is the 21st.century civil rights imigration reform. matter .I t is shaping up to be another welfare program.
    The progressive party is determined to give America away.
    No longer is this country going to be the land of opportunity but a land of every thing free to all that make it inside our pourous borders.

    Take the track record of our government for instance.
    The U.S. Post Service was established in 1775. You have had 234 years to get it right, and it is broke.

    Social Security was established in 1935. You have had 74 years to get it right, and it is broke. You spent all the funds set aside for this program.

    Fannie Mae was established in 1938. You have had 71 years to get it right, and it is broke.

    War on Poverty started in 1964. You have had 45 years to get it right; $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to “the poor”, and they only want more.

    Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965. You have had 44 years to get it right, and they are broke. You spent all the funds set aside for this program.

    Freddie Mac was established in 1970. You have had 39 years to get it right, and it is broke.

    The Department of Energy was created in 1977 to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. It has ballooned to 16,000 employees with a budget of $24 billion a year, and we import more oil than ever before. You had 32 years to get it right, and it is an abysmal failure.

    You have FAILED in every “government service” you have shoved down our throats while overspending our tax dollars

    Best Regards,
    Danny Hogge

  6. Arthur Tinaglia

    No one is arguing that there are good points to the bill. The Republicans agree with those good points. What they know that you do not is the rest of the story in that 2200 page bill.
    They are up in arms because that bill was not necessary to fix the problems you state.
    The rest of the story is that the bill is a big Trojan Horse, justified by a garbage-garbage-out CBO score.
    Listen, Obama is interested in 2 things: redistributing wealth and increasing the size of the government payrolls.
    In the fullness of time you will see that this is why they need a 2200 page bill.
    I can’t believe you are so naive.

  7. Jake Worden

    Wow – where to start? I don’t care who’s bill this is – Republicans or Democrats – it’s a violation of the Constitution. I’m going to be penalized for NOT buying something? How Communist/Socialist is that!!!

    First it was Social Security – we must take care of old people, who were too stupid to save for retirement for themselves. Then it was Medicare – wait a minute… isn’t that government health care? Both of which, by the way are beyond bankrupt. Then of course the government goes after smoking, drinking etc. -all of which were the governments attempts at legislating morality or compassion.

    And look where that’s gotten us – No personal responsibility anymore…No worries about whether we work or not… We’re being told BY THE GOVERNMENT what we can and can not do. Hell, we don’t even need to be parent’s anymore – the government will take care of our children for us!

    Th anger isn’t about “health care” – the anger is about every law that’s being passed that further restricts our freedom, and lessen’s our need to learn common sense and personal responsibility. You want “free” healthcare? Join the military and serve our country like I did. Maybe then you will comprehend what it means “To protect and defend the Constitution.”

  8. John

    We have had this mandated insurance in Massachusetts now for four years. The treasurer here (Tim Cahill) says the state run plan is 4 BILLION dollars in the hole, after 4 years. Our insurance rates went up 35% this year. The Feds have been subsidizing this plan so far which is why it hasn’t gone bankrupt yet. Now this health care plan is going nationwide. Who is going to subsidize the federal plan, the Chinese? This plan does absolutely nothing to control the costs and therefore will not cause businesses to rush out and hire people.

  9. Jim Hartmann

    I believe that this bill is far from perfect. But it does bring some much needed changes. I am one of those that would have started his own business but can not due to a pre-existing condition, and no, it’s not some thing I brought on myself by an unhealthy lifestyle. It will allow me to keep my kids covered until the can find jobs coming out of college. When I started work 35 years ago. You got health insurance the day you started. My daughter has to wait six months. The Republicans did nothing to be included and the lack of decorum has turned me off of their type of politics to the point where they will have to work hard to ever get my vote again. If they wanted to be included in the process then they had to show they were willing to embrace some of the good ideas in this bill. Even if they agreed, the could not bring themselves to admit it. That’s not statesmanship, that just being more concerned with your own political life than the country and citizens they purport to represent. The Dems stuck their neck out even though they obviously realize this is unpopular with a very vocal section of the populace.

  10. Jim Sprague

    Where has your head been during this obamacare fiasco? Republicans, one after another offered simpler, easier and more affordable fixes from day one. Were you not listening? I feel like I have a car that needed an oil change and the service tech put on new tires, replaced the upholstery, installed a new radio, tinted the windows and dropped in a new engine then handed me a bill for more than the car was worth! I don’t usually go in for name-calling so God help me in this time of need!

  11. William Mackay (Retired)

    Way to go Lloyd i too believe it is a good thing that has needed to be done.
    The politicians have been too afraid of loosing their jobs to do the right thing. Cost? what about 2 wars we are fighting now–I suppose our grandchildren wont have to pay for those for years–what about 6 lobbyist for every congressman I wonder where that money is going and who is paying them!!

  12. John Wall

    I am disappointed in the way this whole bill and all the stimulus packages are being presented to the American people. We seem to get the idea that the US Government is giving all these packages to the people and the Government is going to pay for them. Did we forget that We The People are the Government. Wake-up People if you don’t pay for it your children and future generations will. I think I would sooner have the private sector in charge of our money then the US Government. I haven’t seen a good job of money management yet when it comes to Government spending. I feel we have lost faith in what we as people can accomplish and it will lead to a generation of looking for every handout the Government will give and no drive to work for goals for ourselves. God must look down from Heaven and just shake His head in disgust. The only people that will be paying for this are the ones working and paying taxes at a rate they have never seen before. At least by 2014 they can blame it on the next administration in office.

  13. Ray Frattone

    This is another huge step to Marxism. I cannot believe the path we are taking. If you believe the government can handle this, what successful performance have they ever demonstrated? NONE.
    All I want to do is buy my own insurance just like I buy car insurance. It is very simple but then they would not have their hand in our pockets.

  14. Steven Horn


    You need to check yourself when you say that it will empower people to start business! What you’re really saying is that it’s ok for one citizen to now legally steal from another. Because that is what this bill does. It redistributes the wealth.

    The republicans gave many helpfull changes to the bill. They were all rejected. Do you see tort reform? NO! If I drive like an idiot I should pay insurance for it. If I abuse my body I should pay for that also. Remeber that no one will get anything for 4 years, but you’ll be paying. Lloyd you’ve put your chips in with a man that has done nothing in life.

    A couple of lies from the President:
    I’ll post every bill for 5 days. It was 36 hours before he signed the bill.
    It won’t cost the middle class anything. If you believe that you can add millions to a program, and it’s not going to cost anything you need your head checked.
    It will not add a dollar to the deficit. What government program hasn’t been overspent. They only get deficit neutral by everyone paying ten years for six years of services. Sounds like that will work.

    Lots of Luck folks. The American people didn’t want this bill, but the liberal elite (Lloyd) made them choke it down.

    No benefits until after the next Presidential election. I wonder why that is the case if you have millions dying because they have no insurance.


  15. Macky Mongold

    Nancy said I had to buy it to read see it. How can that be a good thing? Everyone has to buy this? I thought this was a free country. Does anyone really think another socialist
    entitlement program is going to be paid for by all, or just those who work.

  16. Michael Paul

    This is about America and what it stands for. The Republicans offered reform but the democrats closed their ears to it. I paid for my own health insurance since I was 19 then later my company offered it to me but it is part of my overall compensation- – nothing free. Why Am I being forced to pay for another persons insurance ? This bill does nothing to reform health care but it will make government bigger which makes us less free.

  17. J Friedman

    Essentially, there will be some shifting of medical costs from the public aid rolls back into the paid insurance pool. Plus those without insurance will be put into the pool. Generally, this should raise insurance rates much the same way that no fault insurance (your own insurance company paying claims that were caused by people without insurance) raised our prices because additional people are thrown in the pool.

    It is the right thing to do, after all. The problem is that in today’s politics, upon inspecting this “right thing to do” legislation we are going to find all the things that had to be horse traded to get the votes to win. And that will be an ugly process.

    One other point, it is interesting that zero Republican’s voted for the bill. No offense to the Republicans, but it is hard for me to believe that the their votes were based on belief that that health care reform was not needed. I believe that the unanimous Republican vote was a party vote, when it should have been an issue vote.

    I agree with Lloyd. However, what is going to be irritating is that the sniping is not going to stop. This bill will be the gift that keeps giving. Because the problem is so convoluted and this effort at solving it is equally convoluted and HUGE, there will be new problems. The Republicans will take every problem created and hold them up as proof that health care reform has failed.

    I remember when my company changed health insurance carriers. Some drugs that were formulary and costing my employees $15 as copay, became non-formulary and cost $50 as copay. I heard every complaint about that change. Yet, for some, their non-formulary drugs under the old carrier became formulary and they saved $35 per prescription. No one told me about that balancing factor. It took a meeting to find that out, beauuse the focus was on the new problem, not the new benefit. I suppose it’s human nature, but I am not looking forward to another year’s worth of sniping. Rome is burning and Congress is fiddling. We have serious issues (and that does not include the use of steroids in baseball) that deserve immediate attention and action.

    Great points, Lloyd.

    John F

  18. Lloyd

    My point with this blog was to get a sense of where the readers of this blog are on the health care reform bill.

    I have to admit that I am so biased against the Democratic majority that I was hoping the bill would fail, but then it hit me that the current system is so bad it begs for change and I did not want a lot more years where people with pre existing conditions were blackballed at the whim of insurance clerks. I know the new law has many imperfections and may even be unconstitutional but I prefer that we start with something on the books rather than wait another decade to challenge the lousy status quo.

  19. Alan

    Mr Graff
    I share your business interests , your political take, and your age group.
    With a 17% approval rating of Congress, no way can we dump it all on the Demos. The whole thing is sickening, and we must clean house and toss out all the apples – good and bad. At least it would take the news ones a couple years to get spoiled
    I worry about the package because we are a 4 person consulting business, and are at the mercy of the insurance companies. At this time we have no clout at all. If (when) they get bottom line problems they are going to come after us.

  20. Rick Fronek

    I’d appreciate not receiving any emails with a photo of a COMMUNIST ignorantly drinking to the demise of the United States on it.

  21. Bill Moore

    OBAMACARE; no one has read the bill; I fear this I fear that;marxist ;reverse racist ; Obama is a Muslim ; He wasn’t born in America; Socialism”

    Have I missed any Fox Noise TALKING POINTS?
    Health care as Lloyd said needed fixing, so now it is on the right path. So whats the problem here folks the CBO has said this bill will reduce the deficit.

  22. Steve Baranyk

    Lloyd, I am convinced you mean well but somewhere along the line your desire to “do good” has clouded your thinking. This bill will fiscally enslave our progeny for generations to come. And it will remove the option for significant end of life care for the simple reason the system will not be able to afford it.

    Further, the Ex. Order to prohibit the use of Federal Funds for abortions will be successfully challenged in the courts so we will end up paying taxes to fund abortions.

    I am a life long practicing Catholic and as I understand you are a life long practicing Jew. We share a common belief in the sanctity of life so it dismays me when other wise good people allow themselves to be morally compromised by the maneuvers of a few politicians.

    I will continue to work to elect legislators at both the State and Federal levels who will work to either overturn this terrible bill or at the least modify it to remove the obnoxious sections.

    Steve Baranyk
    Carmel, IN.

  23. Robert Kleckauskas

    Mr. you don’t know what you’re talking about. Read the Law first and then comment you commy.

  24. Larry Evans

    Dear Mr. Graff,

    I did not sign up recently to receive your views on Health Care or for that matter any social issues. Of course all informed citizens favored reform to keep the cost of Health Care in check, but with full fiscal disclosure and accountability. The entire process was a disgrace and only served to further the ideology and ego’s of the current leadership.

    Kindly remove me from your mailing list as I receive enough amateur analysis from the established media outlets.

    Larry Evans

  25. Stefan Wyss

    Dear Lloyd,

    It is my oppinion that people in a position such as yourself should stay away from writing political editorials one way or the other. There are enough political commentators that we do not need the additional analysis. And independent fiscally conservative republicans
    don’t throw a trillion dollars at a problem without proper analysis and discussion. When did “Todays Machining World” become a political/health-care publication? We certainly need the reform, but the law as was passed, is not a positive change for our nation in my humble opinion. Surely opinions differ and such is the nature of democracy. As is, the government now owns a majority of what used to be private industry, has tossed billions at creating more bureaucracy, owns your body itself (arguably the provider of healthcare has the ultimate say over your health), and is well on its way to creating the same kind of fiscal unsustainability that our great state has already experienced. Not a change for the better, but certainly a pathway to the VAT that would make the progressive movement happy.

    I understand that I voluntarily receive your e-mails etc. however by signing up for a industry news publication, I am not signing up to be part of the Today’s Machining Worlds political audience. I’m sure many other readers of your e-mail list feel the same. Certainly the health Legislation affects our industry as much if not more than others, however an analysis of the sections that could apply to entrepreneurs such as myself would probably be better received than chastising of one political party over another there is enough of that going on in DC and Hollywood.

    That all being said, I am neither republican nor democrat. Maybe I should keep my oppinions to myself as well.

    Best Regards,
    Stefan Wyss

  26. Ben McConaha

    My advice to you is that you should stay away from politics in Today’s Swarf. Your definition of “fiscally conservative” must vary quite a bit from mine. I don’t care about the “key features” you read about. The dangerous parts are in the fine print. The Senate is changing the bill as we speak. How long do you think the public option will be left out? Furthermore, if you think that this will not have a negative affect on small business, I fear that you are gravely mistaken. I’m sorry, but you’ve just lost a customer.

    Ben McConaha

  27. Jack Frost

    Lloyd: The fact is: The Democrats control both houses and the Presidency. Why was it necessary to offer their own people gifts at the expense of the rest of the nation in order to pass this simple act of good will. If it was so good it should have passed last July. What happened; we were told we don’t have to now what is in the proposal. And to compound it we were told that the members of congress don’t have to read it. Now this type of culture may be alright for the Boomers and their descendants of no skill and no wit, but my generation requires a better performance from the people we employ and the Congress are our employees. So in the least our demand for full transparency turned out to be milk glass. The bill signed into law still contains all the goodies President etal had to promise to get a Bill. Rebublicans demonizing those sweethearts in the Whitehouse and on Capitol Hill. We didn’t have to, they did it to themselves. Talk about demonizing, the last five years has had more than enough. Each day I am coming to regret my and my comrades sacrifice which saved our country from having to learn German or Japanese as a primary language. It sure is turning out to be a worthless effort. Jack Frost WWII Combat Fighter Pilot

  28. Blomquist, Tom


    You need to consider the consequences of:
    1) No benefits until 2013-4 but taxes start next year
    2) So many deals were struck to get votes that there is no uniformity to benefits among states A lot of very ugly deals were cut.
    3) They forgot to put the pre-existing exclusion in the final version so it’ll require more legislation
    4) IRS’s budget is said to increase $10B to enforce the provisions and 16,000 agents. It is said it will take 179 new agencies to implement this plan.
    5) Small businesses will bear the brunt of the tax/cost
    6) Health insurance is not a right any more than having a house (see where that got Barney Frank and Fanny Mae) or a new car (cash for clunkers added no jobs) or a beautiful spouse or a college education or citizenship for illegals.
    7) Taking money from Medicare and eliminating Medicare Advantage to pay for this thing punishes seniors
    8) The new plan is so good that Congress and government employees are exempt from it. What does that tell you?
    9) The law of supply and demand cannot be violated. With 30M more people going into the medical system, the demand is likely to exceed the supply of services. Since the government intends to fix prices, the outcome will be rationed and/or delayed services. This is what exists in Canada and England. Do we want really want that?
    10) States do not have the money to pay their increased part of all this, an awful, not-discussed much issue.
    11) Last but not least: JOBS ARE THE #1 ISSUE. Taking over the healthcare industry will only create jobs in the federal government. This administration has made taking over private industry – financial, automotive, healthcare and soon energy – its number #1 issue. Jobs in the private sector is what needs to priority #1.

    As I see it less benefits for more cost and time to get those benefits. And jobs will have to wait.

    Best regards,

    P.S. Your fiscal conservativism credentials are under review.

  29. Bill Moore

    Jon Giles , I believe what I research and gleen from both sides of the fence. You on the other hand certainly believe what Fox news and the like tell you to believe.
    And you may call me MR. Moore.

  30. Mike Miranda

    This whole thing is nothing but socialism! Big government! It’s junk.
    Mr.Blomquist comments are 100% correct and said it all.

  31. TR Doyle

    Anyone who believes this bill will somehow reduce the deficit is drinking the koolaid. It will serve to do nothing more than kneecap caregivers, reduce the quality of care and increase the roles of nonpaying recipients. Another attack on the guaranty of Life, Liberty and the Persuit of happiness. I feel sorry for my children and the challenges they will face. If any of the complainers have actually spent any real time outside this country, even in developed countries in Europe they might have a greater appreciation for our founding principles and not be so flippant in its destruction.

  32. TR Doyle

    And…seriously, any reasonable person can’t possibly believe that this bill not only pays for itself, but reduces the deficit! Give me a break! We already have systems in place to pay for the uninsured. Reforms to reduce costs would be tort reform and medical savings accounts. Let consumers take charge–the American way!

  33. Steven Hogarth

    I feel a reform of some sort was needed but the main points could have just been brought by regulation now shoving this whole big act up everyones nose. I think more to the fact is our government is way to large, a country doesn’t survive with more chief than indians to put it simply and we have given, sold, wasted all of our competitive edge starting with NAFTA and on and on to where the USA can no longer meet the jobs needed for the average class people. I think spending… tieing up our government in times like these for an entire year is insane, all while the rest of the country goes down the toilet! Lets get a seasoned business man in the seat and see what we can do, first off cut all the government and it’s programs in half!! Second remove all illegal immigrants, toughen laws, Tax imports or at least promote buying american products! Let’s get America working again!

  34. Jerry Johnson


    You really don’t get it. Obama Care is not about health care reform. It’s about MORE government control of the everyday lives of American citizens, and their businesses. And, it will accelerate the bankrupting of the United States of America. That’s their plan, Lloyd.

    You state that portability will create an “entrepreneurial rush” of people to leave jobs that they are “locked into”, and start new businesses. Gee, is that all it takes – portability? What happened to talent, ability and availability to borrow, tenacity, the ability and conviction to live on peanuts (while paying the full boat to the new hires) etc., etc.?

    Yes, the camel’s nose is under the tent, and your head is up your @#%^. The structure and context of our Country is under attack. Our Constitution is being trampled. You are apparently incapable or unwilling to see this fraud for what it is.

    I suggest that you, your buddy Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Soros move to another country with a political and medical structure more in concert with your desires, i.e. a government entitlement state with very poor quality, rationed health care. While you’re on the way, why not stop by Israel, and make an attempt to rebuild the Obama damaged relationship with one of the United States’ greatest allies.

  35. Bob Prieto

    You stated that the republicans turned thier backs on health care reform? The republicans that you and I both voted for were silenced by the way the liberals handled gettin it through behind closed doors.
    Bob Prieto


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