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Daniel Amos, the head of Aflac, the remarkably successful medical insurance firm, was interviewed in the New York Times on Sunday. His remarks on leadership and motivation are intriguing. He treats employees like voters and challenges his sales staff not with overt quotas but by telling his people he wants them to make a particular figure. For instance when he used to be a sales manager he would say to an employee, “I want you to make $60,000.” He recounts that employees couldn’t say, “No, I really don’t want to make that much.” He says they didn’t know how to argue with him when he said, “I want you to make more money.”

Link to full article: New York Times

Question: Do you think it’s advisable to treat employees as if they were voters?

Dan Amos

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2 thoughts on “Motivating Employees

  1. GBinNC

    Thanks Noah – my better half has worked for AFLAC for over 20 years, and I have to say that it’s a great Organization with good products. Has been a value-added service for small biz owners who can offer benefits with out the additional overhead associated with insurance products

  2. Joe Mota, Dept. Supervisor

    I believe in various methods to motivate employees. “All employees are not created equal.” Some require “kid gloves” treatment while others are “go getters”. Giving an employee an opportunity to shine under their own power is a great self-motivational tool. By letting an employee become a “fellow voter” in some inner workings of a company and/or department, gives the employee a direct connection to the outcome of their “vote”. This, obviously is motivating to the employee and the company as a whole. Employee contentment means dedication, good production and pride of workmanship.

    I can honestly say that by giving an employee the opportunity to voice their concerns, not only helps to understand hidden problems, but to address them correctly to create a happy work environment. In addition to this, most all employees want to receive recognition for a job well done. Praise is always a great motivational tool. Every employee is part of a team that together, create a completed task. So, in the end, they should all feel proud that they were part of a successful and completed task.


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