What if we just gave the bailout money to the people?

By Noah Graff

What if instead of giving all the bailout money to the reckless, untrustworthy banks and incompetent automakers our government just gave the money to the people? I’m not talking about 500 dollar “stimulus” checks. Say all of this aid money, maybe about $10,000,000,000 ($10 trillion!), was distributed to 100 million tax paying units in the U.S.? The people – our people, rich and poor, would get $100,000 each, and surly they would do some awesome things to stimulate the economy. Think about what people might use the money for – cars, houses, college educations, stocks, bonds, starting new businesses – not to mention depositing the money in the bank. So the banks would get their liquid too! What if people got half that amount, a quarter? What would you do with $25,000?

Personally, I’m very skeptical that the recipients of the current bailout plan are going to use the money wisely. Like so many people, I am scared that they will not learn from their mistakes. I fear we may be throwing our hard earned dollars into a black hole.

I say let the people fix the economy!

Question: Would giving $100,000 to every U.S. tax payer be a better way to save our economy?

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