What is the Tea Party?

For the September 2010 issue of Today’s Machining World I did a short interview with Jim Chiodo, a Tea Party leader in Holland Michigan (I also quoted him in Tuesday’s Swarfblog).

According to Chiodo there are a lot of misconceptions about what the Tea Party actually is. He suggested I ask the following questions to readers to find out what they think the term “Tea Party” means.

1. Are you a member of the Tea Party?

2. What do you think the Tea Party represents?

3. If you think you know what it represents, what is your source of info?

Can’t wait to hear your answers.

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9 thoughts on “What is the Tea Party?

  1. George

    Here are my answers:
    1. Are you a member of the Tea Party?
    2. What do you think the Tea Party represents?
    A way for Republicans who are angry they lost the Presidential election to get together and complain.
    3. If you think you know what it represents, what is your source of info?
    Sarah Palin

  2. Ken

    The ” Tea Party ” movement actually was reborn in the late 90’s by an individual from Whitehouse New Jersey. He wrote a book called ” We are ready for another Tea Party ” based on the never ending desire of this out of control Goverment and their spending policies and entitlement mentality.
    It has morphed into a call for complete pragmatic thinking regarding all of the Gov’s affairs.
    Like it or not, and regardless if you want to admit it or not, this administration has driven a great diivide between the ” racial ” issues of the day. It is OK for for one sided racism in America, no one has the courage to stand up to the black caucus and their race bating everything. Whites being harrassed! You want to know why they say racism is an issue, because it is, 90% of the Black community distains anything White.[Black Theology]
    Every level heaed, pragmatic Black individual in the US see’s it for what it is, and they to are very frightened.
    Gov. keeps the race issue out by calling Tea Party folks ” home grown terrorists”. You will need to connect the dots yourself.[ Hint: Progressive Movement ].
    Too much to cover but I hope the base of the thought made it through?
    America will never be the same, they have amputated the ” trust Factor”.

    God Bless

  3. Dillion

    Not a member

    The Tea Party stands for Taxed Enough Already. Public servants need to be carefull spending our money and make sure we are getting a good value for it.

    Co-workers and buisness owners that are trying to work their way out of this reccession.

  4. Noah Graff Post author

    Ken, so are you saying that the racial divide in this country, or perceived racism by one race or another is a key issue for the Tea Party? 2 thirds of your comment revolves around race.

    Your thoughts are interesting. Not the most objective, and I don’t think your accusations are totally accurate. However, I do believe the racism is held by most if not all groups, so to give one group the pass over another group just because they are the minority isn’t fair.

    That said, I generally scoff at people who see issues as “Black and White.” No pun intended.

    From what I remember from in my interview however with Chioto, the Tea Party is very inclusive of African Americans, and their meetings don’t revolve around resentment about racism. According to him a lot of that crap is fabricated by the media. Of course, I’ve never been to a Tea Party meeting, so I can’t say anything more definitive than that–just what I think I remember from the interview.

    What are your sources for your statements aside from the book you quote? Fox? CNN? TIME? Have you been to a Tea Party meeting?

  5. Dan

    1. Yes I am a Tea Party member.
    2. The Tea Partys’ core values are simple. 1-Small Government and Individual Responsibility. 2-Personal and Government Fiscal Responsibility. 3-Free Markets.
    We are not racists. We have have a diverse group of patriots.
    We are not partisan. We disagree with big government (statist) republicans and democrats.
    We believe our rights come from our creator not from the government. Read the Decleration of Independence.
    We believe “We The People” formed this republic form of government to protect these rights not to take them away.
    We are not violent. We believe in the ballot box not the ammo box.
    We are trying to steer the republican party to conservitive core values since the Democrat party was eaten by the Progressive Statists.
    We are looking for the restoration of what makes this an exceptional country.
    Educate your self. Learn about Conservitism vs Progressivism, Democracy vs. Republic, Austrian vs. Keynesian economics, what and who is the Federal Reserve, Why is US sovereignty being given up? What is Agenda 21? What is the Earth Charter? What is the Ark of Hope? What is the JournoLIst? Who controls the main stream media? Who is behind the green movement? What is globalism?

    In Liberty,

  6. Michael Paul

    The Tea Party believes in the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. If our government followed the rules outline by our forefathers we would not have the suffrage and uncertainty that exists now. I will most likely join.
    As for them being a racial motivated group or violent that is simply not true.

  7. Buelldog

    Michael Paul,
    What do you mean by the term ‘suffrage’? To me, this term means a person’s right or ability to vote. I consider suffrage to be a positive thing.



  8. Mike Mendola

    1. I am not a member of the Tea Party

    2. I believe the Tea Party is made up of Americans for whom the word “change” has become a pejorative. Too much is changed too quickly causing concern for our future.

    3. I believe it represents a positive move by Americans to take back control of our nation from the politicians and bureaucrats. This belief is founded on two types of information:
    A. What the Tea Party says about themselves.
    B. Who its detractors are and what they say about it.

  9. Richard

    I am not a member although my 80 year old parents are. You could say that I am a member in spirit.

    Th reason that they joined the TPM is because they see the present administration as leading an over-reaching government. They are alarmed at the size of government and its continued irresponsible spending. The would support any candidate or party that shares these concerns no matter what race.


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