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The World of Industrial Auctions is Changing

European based industrial auctioneer GoIndustry is on the cusp of buying DoveBid, the largest Internet industrial auction company in the United States.

The industrial auction segment of eBay has suffered of late, as the company appears to have lost touch with that niche customer base.


In this video, machine tool dealers Lloyd and Jim Graff of Graff Pinkert & Co. give their insider’s perspective on the worldwide consolidation taking place in the industrial equipment auction business.



In this video Lloyd and Jim discuss the current state of eBay, addressing where the company has gone wrong in its approach to industrial auctions and the overall experience of its users.

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A 2008 Election Vlog

The following are two vlogs on the 2008 presidential election by Lloyd Graff, editor and owner of

In this video, Lloyd Graff criticizes a recent article by John Ratzenberger which says “a president should be able to change a tire” in order to represent the common man and demonstrate the importance of keeping manufacturing in the United States. He believes the most important thing for our next president is that he or she can unite the people.

In this video, Lloyd says that he will vote for Barack Obama despite disagreeing with 80 percent of his policies. He believes that an Obama presidency is an unprecedented opportunity for reconciliation among races in the United States, and that is more important than his politics.

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Online Auctioneer Dennis Hoff's take on feelings of buyers and sellers

In the 2008 January issue, Today’s Machining World did an interview with Dennis Hoff, president of Hoff-Hilk Auction Services, an online auctioneer which sells commercial and capital equipment exclusively. In the interview Hoff gives an insider’s perspective on the online auction business, discussing the effects of auctions on both the buyers and sellers from both a monetary standpoint as well as psychological one.


In this video Hoff addresses how site coordinators for an auction sale often must play “psychologist” to help sellers cope with the pain or angst which often accompanies selling their businesses. 


In this video Hoff says candidly that while both buyers and sellers often don’t feel auctions are fair, he thinks that after an online sale the sellers generally feel more satisfied. He attributes this to the convenience of bidding online, which brings more people from far off places to compete in the sale.

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