Are We All Racists?

President Obama visiting EMC Precision Machining in Elyria, Ohio, in 2010.

On the last blog, I mentioned that I voted for Barack Obama partly because I wanted to see a black president during my lifetime. A lot of readers were bothered by this statement, so I would like to flesh out my rationale.

Over the course of 50 years, I have seen racial relationships in America gradually evolve from hatred and fear towards tolerance and acceptance on both sides. Growing up in the 1950s on the segregated Chicago’s Southside, I was on the frontlines of racial confrontation. My public grammar school drew from an affluent white area and a predominantly black area of apartments. We barely spoke to one another at Parkside School. Hyde Park High School, the public high school I would graduate to, was 98 percent black students. My parents sent my siblings and I to a private high school because Hyde Park was deemed to be too dangerous.

For my parents, black people were not Negroes – they were “Schvartz” or “Schvartzes” – an uncomplimentary Yiddish term for people of color. The black women I knew were maids, and the black men were janitors. In high school I was introduced to black kids who were children of doctors or lawyers or other members of the small black middle class in Chicago, but mixing other than in sports was taboo.

So I was born into a racist America, and though I was not a person who used the N-word or the Yiddish pejorative, I bought into the racial norms of the day – racial fear and social separation. In college I followed the careers of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and just barely started to connect with black athletes and other black students I met in the dorms. I was just beginning to wrestle with the disconnect of being intellectually tolerant and emotionally racist – a combination as American as a black and white sundae.

When it came time to live the American dream of a home in the suburbs with kids we moved further south to the Chicago suburb Olympia Fields. This is the home of the Olympia Fields Country Club where the 2003 U.S. Open Golf Tournament was held after they agreed to allow a symbolic black person to join. But over the last 30 years, the area became the suburb of choice for upwardly mobile urban black people. I was faced with the same decision my parents had to make – move to the land of white people and white schools, or send my kids to a school where they were the white minority. We stayed – not out of social-liberal purity – but because we liked the neighborhood. Did our kids like being the token white people? Not especially, but they accepted the idea without much dissent.

And we continue to live in the same house. Our neighbors are mostly African-American and most of the Jews are gone now. We have slowly developed black friends, but I can honestly say we are not color-blind. There is still the occasional twinge of fear when walking into a gaggle of black teenagers. We’re still Americans, so we are still at least a little racist.

So why vote for Obama? Racial guilt? No. Racial pride. The vote was a symbolic statement that I, Lloyd Graff, at 63 years old, was better than I started out. Obama was the beneficiary, and my vote at a polling place where most of the people voting had darker skin than my own – made me feel good.

Questions: Do you think most people in America are racist?

Do you consider yourself a racist?

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53 thoughts on “Are We All Racists?

  1. Chris

    I tolerated your last blog post because I hoped to enlighten you with some facts to try and make you see the light of your ignorance. This one, however, is too much. The Democrats have been using Racial & Class warfare since the 1920’s and we on the right are sick and tired of it.

    Please remove me from your mailing list; you are an embarrassment to the dwindling US manufacturing industry.

  2. Deuce

    Mr. Graff, I appreciate the candor in your post. It was refreshingly honest. Keep up the good work.

  3. Katherine

    No, the majority of people are not racist. I find most racism comes form people seeking to justify their own bad behavior, to get a leg up with a self justified attempt to “leverage the playing field” or “payback” claim because they do not wish to face the facts. Sometimes I want to tell someone who is complaining the reason the company did not hire them is the exposed underwear, not because of their skin color. People of all races/gender need to conform to society and companies’ expections, not expect society and companies to change their expectations to suit the individual.

    One more thing – voting for a person based on skin color – is racist.

  4. Emily Aniakou

    I too appreciate the candor of your two recent blogs. As a 30-year-old white woman who married not just a black man, but a man who grew up in Africa, race is a huge issue in my life every day. Do I consider myself a racist? Honestly, yes. I still can’t be completely colorblind, but I do try and fight it. I have great respect for the African Americans and African immigrants who become successful here. I know they face obstacles I can’t really comprehend. My husband’s native language is French and in just four years of living here he graduated from Purdue University with a 3.2 GPA and a Bachelors in Construction Management Engineering. The day after he graduated had three job offers to choose from. This Friday he will swear in as an American Citizen. These are truly the type of people that will continue to make America great, and why there’s no country on earth like the U.S. I love that I married someone who has the work ethic and dreams that Americans used to pride themselves on. As a foster parent working with teenage boys, I see how rare those qualities are in our young people. I’m proud of my husband and have enormous respect for people who can work their way up. It takes a kind of resolve I so rarely see now days. And we celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday!

  5. Jeffrey Scott

    What the heck do your typically naive liberal questions have to do with the fact that you stated “I wanted a Black President in my lifetime”? There are many other Black Americans who are Conservatives both fiscal and social and would have made great Presidents but you elected to vote for a Socialist/Marxist masquerading as a Liberal Democrat!
    Granted going by todays Liberal there isn’t much difference anymore but how in the hell can you be so naive or misinformed about a Presidential Candidate unless of course it’s willful and you agree with his anti-capitalist agenda?
    Didn’t you research his backround at all? I did because the Lib-Tard news media refused to do so and evidently you did too.
    His father was an avowed anti-colonial Marxist as were two of his main mentors in the persons of James Cone and Saul Alinsky. Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals is Obama’s blueprint for what he is trying to do.
    Those three men had a tremendous affect on BHO during his formative academic years along with Reverend Wright, Father Flagler, William Ayers and Bernhadine Dohrn!
    Does it bother me that President Obama is Black? NO…I would have voted for a Conservative Black like Dr. Walter Williams or Condi Rice and many other Conservative Blacks who now serve in Congress.
    However, I would never vote for a Socialist/Marxist who is not an American in spirit and has no love for the founders or the founding documents of this nation and has said so many times. If you would clear the liberal fog and white liberal guilt from around your head you might hear what he says from time to time.
    You really are pathetic Lloyd.

  6. Jeffrey Scott

    What the heck do your typically naive liberal questions have to do with the fact that you stated “I wanted a Black President in my lifetime”? There are many other Black Americans who are Conservatives both fiscal and social and would have made great Presidents but you elected to vote for a Socialist/Marxist masquerading as a Liberal Democrat!
    Granted going by todays Liberal there isn’t much difference anymore but how in the hell can you be so naive or misinformed about a Presidential Candidate unless of course it’s willful and you agree with his anti-capitalist agenda?
    Didn’t you research his backround at all? I did because the Lib-Tard news media refused to do so and evidently you did too.
    His father was an avowed anti-colonial Marxist as were two of his main mentors in the persons of James Cone and Saul Alinsky. Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals is Obama’s blueprint for what he is trying to do.
    Those three men had a tremendous affect on BHO during his formative academic years along with Reverend Wright, Father Flagler, William Ayers and Bernhadine Dohrn all avowed Marxists two of whom were violent anti-American terrorists in the 1960’s! Couple those facts with this…virtually every “Czar” Obama has appointed is an avowed Marxist also…doesn’t that tell you anything?
    Does it bother me that President Obama is Black? NO…I would have voted for a Conservative Black like Dr. Walter Williams or Condi Rice and many other Conservative Blacks who now serve in Congress.
    However, I would never vote for a Socialist/Marxist who is not an American in spirit and has no love for the founders or the founding documents of this nation and has said so many times. If you would clear the liberal fog and white liberal guilt from around your head you might hear what he says from time to time.
    You really are pathetic Lloyd.

  7. Randy Adams

    I can’t honestly answer the question if I’m a racist. What is the criteria for racism? It changes so much, it’s hard to understand where any of us stand on the issue. With that being said, I will write what I wrote last week; to vote on a person because of their color in my estimation is the simplest form of racism. You can write a lengthy article to justify your stance, but at the end of the day, that same comment made by a conservative radio talk show host would have got him fired no matter how he justifies it….Don Imus and Rush Limbaugh come to mind. Both had self justification for their comments, but because of the political though police, they were removed from their post. While your comments are not as degrading, the undertone is the same Mr. Graff.



  9. Tom Goodpasture

    Mr Graff
    I have decided based on your last two weeks statements to cancel my subscription to your articles as I have come to believe that you are a liberal trying to push a liberal agenda under the umbrella of “Today’s Machining World”. I own my shop and I’m associated with many Machine Shop Owners across the country and down in the trenches with all level of workers. And yes actually we have a fairly diverse culture in our industry. You are a disgrace to our industry trying to make or imply racism and divert
    from the issues as most liberals do. Find another umbrella to write under as you don’t even remotely relate to the good folks in this industry that I associate with.
    Signing off……… Tom

  10. Clark Falcione

    Most people would pobably call me a racist. However, I would agree with Katherine’s post. She basically stated that people are looking for hand-outs and rather than conform to what an employer is wanting they expect the employer to conform to how they are and if they don’t then shame on the employer! They must be racist!

    As far as Mr. Scott’s comments about Obama’s history…I to researched his background and it was because of this background I did not vote for him. I have to admit though it was cool to see a black president be voted in. Whether we like it or not people DO NOT research potential people running for political offices. They rely on the media or wait until the day of elections and walk into the booth and blindly vote straight democrat or republican no matter who is on the ticket! How is this any better then voting for someone because of the color of their skin?? As far as I am concerned the option of voting straight democrat or republican should not be offered and you should have to spend at least 5 minutes and INDIVIDUALLY pick the person wo you at least know their names!!

    I don’t think the writer meant anything by his comment that he voted for Obama because he was black. I certainly would not have questioned his integrity based on that statement. (That is probably because I am a racist…)

  11. imtheglue

    Nice to see a thougthful article written in a time when not towing the party line gets you insulted and ridiculed. And this industry definately leans way far one way – and writing an article that calls for tolerance an understanding will definately get you lambasted by the right – as a couple of the above comments will attest to. It is nice to see something unexpected from a unlikely souce.

  12. Dave Maynard

    While I appreciate your candor (I really do), if you voted for a black president just to have one, then that was stupid. People should vote for a politician because he supports their views best and because of his character, not because of the color of his skin. It seems you gave into the democrats fear mongering & race baiting. It seems that you were racist in your voting patterns.
    I was raised in Detroit in the 50’s & 60’s. I was brought up to believe that the color of a person’s skin shouldn’t matter and I believed it then and I believe it now. The Bible has always taught that skin color shouldn’t matter as Jesus died for all people, not just ‘whites’ or ‘blacks’ or ‘semites’.
    I also don’t think it’s racist to worry when you walk past a group of blacks who look menacing. I’d worry about any group that looked menacing.
    Martin Luther King Jr. said it best when he said we should be more concerned about a person’s character than his color.

  13. Greg

    I am not generally a reader of this blog (or any blog) but, your topic caught my attention. Without going into a lot of details I was a “white” minority as a child and after graduating from college had many business and social dealings with “blacks”. I find the topic to have become a minipulation.
    The young lady who wrote with pride about he husbands accomplishments has it right. At the end of the day it is about performance, not color, not school, not religion, not heritage. All those factor, and may more, form our ability to perform but, none are deal makers or deal breakers. This country was built on performance (I’m not so sure now) and not social feel good issues.
    It is time we segregate racial actions from prejudice. You’re a Chicago guy and I’m sure you are “prejudice” for the Bears, especially when you play my Packers. And the is normal and healthy. Only if you wanted to make the field 80 yards for the Bears and 120 yards for the Packers do we get into the equilivent of racism. My point is our society has made a level playing field and as long as we comply with equal “opportunity” we are OK. If you check with MLK’s speech you will see he was asking for equal opportunity not equal result. And what was his political preference? Republican.

    As the young lady articulated so well, she still sees black and white but, with that, she knows how to address it and base her actions on the person – not the color. I hope we all can do as well.

  14. Josh

    Well I don’t know if most of America is racist but you sure seem to have raised the ire of a few subtly racist folks who’ve responded to your post.

  15. David Krimm

    Am I a racist? Well, yes and no. Most people tend to think that the mixing of races in America is a good idea, usually promoted under the principle of “diversity”. The only problem with that concept is that social science and biological science tend to disagree on this point. One of the main reasons that we have so much biological diversity on this planet is that millions of species have been protected from fierce global competition by geographical isolation. What seems to promote “diversity” in the short run can end up being just the opposite in the long run. Just look at the decimation of numerous exotic native species in Hawaii by a only few introduced species from the mainland. In my home state of Kentucky, many species of wild bushes are threatened by introduced honeysuckle bushes. What can happen biologically can also happen culturally. Quite franky, I am not yet convinced that a 100 IQ voting bloc is necessarily competent to solve 180 IQ problems such as this one. It is quite possible that our intent to promote “diversity” in the short run will end up doing just the opposite in the long run.

  16. Seth Emerson

    Racism is not a “black and white” distinction, pardon the reference. Racism is a scale of gray. Truly, every person who can recognize a racial distinction, has an element of racism. How people deal with that knowledge and how they let that knowledge determine their thoughts, beliefs and actions is what determines how “racist” they are. We are all a product of our upbringing. At some point, each person decides whether to “go along” with the opinions and actions they have seen growing up, or move on to be their own human being. Some people never make that leap and carry on the beliefs and attitudes of their upbringing. That is a comfortable position for them. And, for many it is a good thing, since many are brought up in well thought out conditions. Many are not, however, and can again, comfortably carry on the prejudices and beliefs, many earned as a result of parents and other elders experiences in life, perhaps many years ago. It is also easy to grasp any evidence to support those prejudices, since there is “evidence” to support any position. (see Internet) Personally, I try to learn from a broad spectrum of current experience and input, and make my own decisions in life. I voted for Barack Obama, not because he was black, but because McCain/Palin was unacceptable. Has Obama met my expectations? Mostly, but, as a realist, my expectaions are/were pretty low. The jury is still out on 2012, But I don’t have to decide until November. I do enjoy your columns, Lloyd.

  17. Steve Jones

    I agree with most of what Jeffrey Scott had to say. I am not racist by color of skin, but by social ideals & morals. I would be be glad to vote for a black man if he shared my views & wasn’t a socialist as the one we have now. He plainly told everyone he wanted to FUNDAMENTALEY CHANGE AMERICA. Did we not listen

  18. Ray

    All who came to America from a foreign country were castigated because of their differences, but they blended in and became Americans. In my naivete in the 60’s I thought the same thing would happen but it obviously did not. For the most part,people of color have their own language, lifestyles and culture. Although there is nothing wrong with that, these things keep us separated from each other which brings with it all kinds of issues.
    We will never understand each other as long as this is the case.
    Affirmative action is another log in the logjam also.
    If you voted for a man because he is black, you are a racist along with anyone else who did the same, be he Black, White or Asian.
    For the record, I sincerely believe knowing what we know what we do about BHO’s background the he is a Marxist, Socialist who does in no way consider the best interests of The United States of America. If the news media printed all the news accurately you could count the votes he would get on one hand.

    (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers

  19. Scott Carpenter Sr

    How can a grown American man have such a self centered, self absorbed attitude? Oh yeah they call that Democrat, but, I digress.

    We are in need of patriots who vote for the person who will be “best for the country” and all Americans. You know things like following the constitution, respecting the bill of rights, promoting liberty for all by removing government shackles, protecting life at all stages.

    Voting for anyone because they are of this class or race or that class or race is just so disgusting I am amazed you would admit it. I think much less of you knowing that was your reason for voting for the kenyan muslim. I hope to God your eyes have been opened along with all the other voters voted to get something out of it for themselves instead of what is best for all Americans.

  20. Jayson

    Voting solely based on skin color sounds racist too doesn’t it? I guess we can also count on you to blindly give your next vote to whatever minority runs for office (as opposed to the better candidate.)

    Good luck and please cancel my subscription, unless you can promise that they will be as amusing/ridiculous as this last one.

  21. Jim

    The question is “Are we all racists?” My answer is, yes. Thankfully we seem to be moving away from tribalism. Unfortunately with more people and harder to reach resources I suspect as a species may have peaked in our ability to comprehend the all inclusive “we”. The “them” just seems to be getting stronger and the “us” that are left are going to have to do whatever is necessary for our survival.

  22. Dave Meyer

    In my opinion racism has come full circle at least on the part of African Americans. They wear it on there sleeve and as a big chip on their shoulder. I went to the same schools as the black kids of my generation. I was in high school when Malcolm X was killed and Martin Luther King. The young blacks whom I thought were my friends, at least friendly, turned overnight. I didn’t blame them much except they became impossible to deal with. The school couldn’t. They were treated preferentially. They were allowed to walk the halls as they saw fit and cause trouble. They were allowed to dress anyway they pleased in school including hats and sunglasses. The rest of us were subject to a dress code. In a confrontation, I would be suspended but not the young black kid that initiated the confrontation. We were expected and advised to turn away, turn the other cheek and really almost kiss their A—es. Now they call it playing the race card when they use their color to get what they want. They call themselves and the rest of us awful names that are offensive to them if a white person says exactly the same thing. They refer to white people as anything they please with impunity. The good news in this is that most of the black people I meet who are working for a living are nice people. They are friendly and treat us with respect and they get what they give at least from me. They are likable because they have a work ethic and seem to understand that we should work for what we get. There are a vast number of others, a disproportionate percentage who are just the opposite. There are whites that act the same way because they jumped on the bandwagon and figured out the free ride. Unfortunately the pervasive liberal atmosphere that has existed since the mid sixties at least has exacerbated the problem. It has made it easy to be a burden on society. Ten trillion dollars have been wasted on affirmative action, welfare and all the other freebies. When things go south for the rest of us, there is no safety net. You get statements like you made too much money the previous year. It’s not like you have any of it left. About twenty years ago I requested information about employment at a power plant where I live. I was told that they would love to have a guy like me but unfortunately I was the wrong color. Isn’t that racist. I am white as you can probably tell. I don’t personally believe I am racist. It does make me burn when I listen to things like the ten trillion dollars I mentioned which achieved nothing and really made it worse.Our economy can’t handle the burden anymore. These people have no idea where their money comes from. If you ask they will tell you it comes from the state like magic. If you tell them it comes from someone elses paycheck, they will disagree and tell you it comes from the state. You may not be as clueless in this regard as the people I’m referring to but I don’t believe you are very well informed. As for your vote for our clueless ignoramus president, that is probably the worst possible reason to vote for a candidate I can conceive of. How does that compare to me saying I voted for John McCain because he is white. I voted for McCain even though he was not a great candidate. He was however experienced and certainly a lot better informed that Barack Obama. I believe that racism is alive and unfortunately well in America. It isn’t coming from white America. Whites are bending over backward to accommodate the unrealistic demands of these leaches on our society. There is a backlash coming and it won’t be pleasant. We are at the point now where all we can do is cut it off. Weening has been tried. It didn’t work. I personally hope the proverbial stuff does not hit the fan but in the meantime, like Glen Beck says, gas, guns and groceries. If we cut off the freebies they will come to take it. Work is the last thing on their agenda and lf it does hit the fan there won’t be any work anyway. Sorry you wasted your vote.

  23. Jim Goerges

    I think all americans have said things they should not have, history has proven this and the key is to learn and do what is right and I believe that is to be judged on what we do, not what color we happen to be. As far as what Lloyd asked, no! Now a comment on presidential choice, two wrongs don’t make a right. I will take experience over no experience everytime. I will take proven ability/skills over no skill almost everytime. I think we have a president who has been entitled all his life and believes that is the way to do things for America. We have some agreement in the comments that we should be judged on what we do, at the time Obama was appointed to his position and as far as we know, wrote a book and did some service work. McCain was tortured for his American beliefs, you can’t question that, in my mind he is too liberal with spending the people’s money, but, he doesn’t hold a candle to Obama. Seems a bit of “racism” reared it’s ugly head when it came to his running mate, oh, but thats OK, even to be put on the cover of a national magazine that purposely is expoiting her, seems that’s wrong but funny Lloyd makes no mention of that, hmmm. Way to go SCOTT WALKER! Wonder if Lloyd will bring up conservative values and fiscal responsibility anytime soon!

  24. Carl

    I don’t think you’re a racist but an idiot for voting for him just because the color of his skin. Really shows your intelligence and why you like many others are screwing up this great Country of ours.

  25. Jim

    I am just really surprised at all the vitriol that is unleashed whenever the topic of politics is discussed. As a fierce Independent, I don’t like the name-calling from either side.

    Why don’t you try this: state your case in a logical manner without resorting to castigating the other side?

  26. Chris

    Considering how much of an Anti-Semite Obama’s close friend and confidant of 20 years Reverend Wright is, the fact that you voted for him based on race while you yourself are Jewish has some sort of cosmic justice to it. Good thing Obama has treated our Ally (and child nation) Israel so well, right?!? Is it still “cool” to have the first Black President be someone who sat in the front row of a Black Liberation Theology church for 20 years while the preacher, who married the first couple, spewed nothing but RAW hatred about America, Israel, Democracy, and White People?

    Or are you one of the sheeple who truly believes that, “He wasn’t paying attention?”


  27. Larry A

    Personally, I think we’re all racist to some point or another and for decent reason. If you disagree, then I’ll step up and say that I am though I try to avoid judging people by their appearances or color. I think we all make initial presumptions about people based on what they wear, whether they are blonde or not, their type of hair style or lack thereof, the type of car they drive and also based on their color or ethnicity.

    Fortunately, most of us these days adjust our opinion of people as we get to know them rather than holding tight to our initial presumptions. It would appear that a few here refuse to adjust their opinions in the political realm regardless of evidence to the contrary.

    Personally, I’m an Non Party Member and former Republican thanks to Bush and crew. I was delighted to see the Bush days come to an end. I’m tired of the BS and deception that comes from the Rep Party. I’m not fond of what the Dem Party stands for either, so here I stand without a party. I’ve determined that I can trust the Republican Party to tell me one thing and do very much the opposite or to do nothing at all when they should be acting. This is all a discussion for another topic.

    In my opinion, I think that anyone who says that they are not racist does not know themselves very well at all. How can anyone trust such a one to make good judgement calls on politics or anything else when they don’t even know themselves well enough to know that they have bias?

    As usual, good blog, Lloyd

  28. Trashcup

    Ever since Obama was the nominee and still now, intelligent people, people you would think would know better, have been sending out racist jokes via the internet. They aren’t even close to being funny, yet someone forwards them, and another intelligent person forwards them and the entire chain of senders is right there in black and white along with their names including many times their company’s name.

    You’re stupid first of all for sending along nasty racists jokes, but then you are really stupid having something like that hanging out there for eternity with YOUR NAME and your company’s name on it! How stupid can intelligent people be?

    Yes, there’s plenty of racism still in America because there are still plenty of stupid people out there. People who think with their emotions instead of their brains.

  29. Louis Ludwig

    Well I must be a racist, because of collective white guilt! Also, I disagree with a large part of the government’s policies, and Jimmy Carter himself said I am a racist because I disagree with Obama, so ergo, I am a racist. Or is it just because I’m white? Are there any black racists? I’ve never heard of a black man accused of a thought crime. I’m sick and tired of being demonized as a racist because of my color, or lack of it. Obama is a great president for his 12% African minority, but I’m white, and I don’t count, so I’m going to vote my race, just like 95% of the African minority will.

  30. Steven H

    NO! Llyod it’s to bad you voted due to your racial guilt/prejudice, rather than who would be the best leader of the country. It was a stupid decision that the majority of people made because they felt guilty. I hope this time they look at the ability to lead a country rather than skin tone or wealth. The President has proven that he has no ability to lead this wonderful country. I think the President is the most prejudice individul we have seen ever as a leader. He is constanting pitting one group against another. If you watch the President his arguments come down to three area’s: Race,Sex or Class Warfare. That is the sole arguments for the Democrat party if that isn’t racist what is? This man has done more to divide the country than join it together.


    If you don’t agree with President Obama’s policies you are not a racist and more than if you disagreed with President’s policies would you hero. Hatred is in the eye and the heart of the beholder. Those who don’t agree with the policies of Israel are not necessarily anti-semitic. The ruling group in Washington is rapidly being replaced through arrests and resignations based on felonious transactions, that doesn’t mean that all black politicians are crooks. Quite a few are. The rate of blacks killing blacks scares the hell out of the white communities but also the black community. Rapes and robberies of tourists in Washington is a cause for concern. I could go on for days on this subject, but I could go on for years as I remember by relationship with my Afro-American brothers. There is a helluva of a lot more good than bad. Isn’t it that way in our own white communities. We really don’t need to climb on a black back to make us feel bigger

  32. clayton smith

    God love ya LLoyd,

    I don’t doubt for one second that you are an honest, and a good man. Yet for someone so intelligent you are missing the point. I listen to you and you should accord me the same respect. I commence.

    Having grown up in the South I have a different perspective one would think but I can assure you if I’ve learned one thing in my 65 years it is that the world is backwards.
    We always employed Schwartze Leute (just means black people in German and in fact the German word for negro is Neger so it is a little embarassing to learn but true if you are in Germany you often hear the word with no prejoritive connotation what so ever)

    Anyhow a black contractor built my building, a black family lives next door. You would be surprised how well we red necks get along with blacks as we have for 300 years hell we owe our accent to the mixture of gulla and english.

    I digress. Because of the sad history of the oppression of Jews; like the Irish and present day hispanics they tend to always blame “the man” for the vicissitudes of life and conversely easily identify with other minorities. Well I am the man a WASP who is sick and tired of the manipulation of the black people in this country by liberals who curry favor just to secure their vote. You do realize blacks vote 95 or more percent democrat. Why that is you think?
    All the other minorities at least have done well in the US and many have an open mind. I’m not going to talk about Jewish guilt…..a whole different matter. BTW I’m a mason and I have tons of Jewish friend so I’m not any more anto semetic than I’m anti black.

    Your people….Askenazy Jews according to Herrenstein and Murray – The Bell Curve – are the most intelligent group in the US by virtue of mixing genes with Russians, Germans and Poles and at the bottom of the gene pool are negros of sub saharan extraction. This is because these Africans lack two genectic markers that all other races have that limits there intellect. The high functioning blacks in your childhood (like Colin Powell, Barack Obama (whose father was from the lake people in Nigeria often considered as Arabs by the local – look it up), and Opra Winfry all have white ancestors that infused them with the genes necessary to function on a high level. When twins are placed in a white home and one in a black home the most of an increase in IQ that can be realized is 5%. Read The Bell Curve a book written by scientists with no ax to grind one way or the other.

    OK so this lack of brain power you can blame on God but the way this group has been used to dumb down America is criminal. I might add there is a solution and it was already used in England after the Romans left. Along with 40,000 Romans stationed in England when Constantin was crowned Emporer at York in England were all their black slave accounting for more black genes in Englishmen than any where else in Europe (betcha didn’t know that one) So unless we mate with the blacks and impart the genes you can continue to wonder why the SAT scores in Detroit are not what they are in Norway or Minnisota. Are people stupid because they are poor or are they poor because they are stupid.

    Bill Maher or yourself may not agree with my comments but to help blacks, who certainly can be taught and were really displaced in the textile, shoe, car industries, is to stop teaching them about Beowulf and teaching them basics and trades.

    I speak the truth and it might be painful but because of policical correctness we now have an administration with only 8% of their executive branch possessing any business background this is why hate Barack Obama so; not because of his skin color!

    Clayton Smith

  33. Jim

    Every person fears what he does not know. The bulk of the population grows up in racial isolation, but it is strange that many that grow up in black communities become some of the biggest racist points to another cause of racism. I believe that the lack of respect shown by most black males creates the problem Most of the other groups melt into the culture of America, the black male populations refuses to meet the norms of the business culture in America and continue to show a lack of respect to anyone. Unless they become atheltes or entertainers most don’t reach high up the employment ladder. It is time for the black men to stop killing themseleves and join into the american culture of the English language and dress code. I don’t want to see you underwear. I don’t want to see your tatoo. I don’t want care about you as athletes (white or black), unless you play for the Cleveland Browns (isn’t that name ironic, but they were named for the coach not the players). BUT I don’t put the problems with America onto the blacks in ths country. Democracy is a form of government, while Capitalism is a econmic system. My biggest gripe is that for the republicans that are all for free enterprise, so why don’t they try it. We have billionaires hiring millionaires to play sports, yet somehow society has to build the stadiums, what bullshit. GM, Ford, Toyota or whoever whats to build a plant and start a bidding war between governments to get the most “tax relief” available, again bullshit. Build your plant based on the best decision devoid of government intervention. Corporations are not people. This has to be the most absurd concept the supreme court has ever ruled in favor of. I am a small shop owner and I am sick of tired of large corporations continually having their hand out to the government. It has been the tax laws bought and paid for by the large corporations that started the entire union busting, globalization, “financial servies sector” take over of the USA. It is now the MBA’s and political elites that are fleecing America. The blue/red divide was created by both sides to blind our eyes while the rich steel the assets of every middle class American. Even the lower class subsidies and hand outs manage to the lower classes fighting with ourselves instead of the Political elites who only watch out for themselves. God Bless American, but Ross Peron was right about that the democrats and republicans are part of the same agenda.

  34. Bud Moore

    Why are you even going here? Everyone is a racist to some extent and in some circumstances. I’ve even known a couple of white people that had racist feelings about other white people (BTW: I have a color too…kind of a creamy yellow I suppose: black & white is just fine, why did we have to move away from the easier nomenclature?). I generally like this magazine, but find that you try to rake the coals a bit too much with your opinion columns.

  35. tim richardson

    being jewish as well, i appreciate mr. graff’s overall desire for “tikkun olam”. but i am chuckling at how with their cat like reflexes liberals include their inane race rhetoric where it doesn’t belong. with the horrors of real racism still existing; you liberals deprive those who have endured true racism of a once powerful term to right and or correct social injustice. political idiocy and ineptitude transcend race and the left’s cacophone of shallow, binary thinking rhetoric is no more than orwellian doublespeak. mr. graff you’re words and thoughts are so very tiresome.

  36. john

    I don’t know about “WE”. I only know about “ME”, and a little about “YOU” (based on what you’ve expressed in writing). Your justification was weak. I will not be as vitriolic as some of the respondents, but I am equally as disappointed in you, and those who made the same decision for the same poor reason. However, it is done. You’ve paid your penance for the white guilt thing. Check it off the bucket list and move on (not .org). Begin making sound intellectual decisions once again – especially those as crucial as selecting the leader of the free world.
    The notion of “colorblindness” is utopian. God (the Creator, not the concept) gave us eyesight for a reason. When I see a beautiful COLORFUL sunrise on my way to work, I thank Him. I don’t think it would be nearly as spectacular in black and white. Add to that the fact that skin color is only one of many ways by which we tend to pre-judge one another. The issue is one of the heart, not the eyes. I will always (provided I always have my sight) be able to discern things about people when I see and talk to them. The important thing is that I do not summarily pre-judge them, and the rest of the occupants of the planet who just happen to have the same color skin as they do, one way or another – either bad, or in your case, good – based on the color of their skin.
    As is often the case, this is a fairly simple concept that we have managed to greatly obfuscate.
    And, by the way, did you forget about the Caucasian mother?

  37. Don Bentley

    Thank you for your honesty, although at this point you must have regrets about it. Your admission that you voted for Obama because of his skin color, choosing to ignore that he intends to change your way of life, to redistribute your earnings and to sever this countries relationship with Israel proves that you truly are a racist.
    The fact that there were enough like you proves my belief that this country isn’t intelligent enough to elect proper leaders anymore. Too many people vote because of emotion, not logic.
    Thomas Jefferson asked: ” Is uniformity attainable? Millions of innocent men, women, and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites.”

  38. Robert

    The problem with your original post is not one of racial prejudice. It’s the fact that race was an influencer at all in your decision of who to vote for in the last presidential election. Skin color should not be even a remote factor in your vote. Your vote should be mandated by your opinion of which candidate is best qualified to lead the country in the direction that you believe is best for it. The issue of skin color is irrelevant to this criteria. I too wanted to see a black man in office, but not this one because he is less qualified for the job – therefore he didn’t receive my vote. The fact that you admit that skin color played a role in your vote at all is an embarrassment.

  39. Terry Ashley

    Regardless of who you voted for, or what your politics is, the premise of “Aren’t we all raciest?” is in my view, mostly correct. For all of you who profess to be race blind, go to the large city of your choice, find an ethnic neighborhood and stand on a busy street corner at night for 20 minutes. Then search your soul and ask yourself if the anxiety you feel is because of race. It’s not a black and white thing; it’s a Hispanic/black, Muslim/Indian, Jew/Muslim, white/black, blah, blah, blah. As a white grandfather of a mixed race child, my experience is that everyone is racist in some way or another. I agree that racism is shades of grey (and blue, and pink, and you pick a color).

  40. Chris

    I do not know much Yiddish, but since “Schvartz” translates to “black” how is that “uncomplimentary” and what is the proper Yiddish term. Not Jewish just curious.

  41. Kevin Wright

    A decision as important as chosing the leader of our country should be based on who is the best candidate for the job, not the color of their skin. Carter and Obama are two of the worst presidents we have had. One just happens to be white, and one black.

  42. Kevin Wright

    Calling people who don’t agree with your reasons for voting for Obama “haters out there whose anger may cause them to lose perspective on what really matters” is itself hateful, intolerant, and juvenile. Take me off your mailing list.

  43. Jon G

    It’s really hilarious how butt hurt some of these people are.

    Lloyd, didn’t you know you’re not allowed an opinion of your own?
    I agree that Obama’s being black shouldn’t have been even a minute factor in who got your vote, and also agree that it’s silly that it’d been mentioned. That kind of stuff is usually kept to yourself. Especially considering how less-than-subtly Oprah and everybody else rode the “1ST BLACK PREZZZZ” train. You’d think that would’ve helped deter people from voting for that reason.

    I agree with Kevin Wright that Noah’s whole note to the “haters” was intolerant, and made you guys look like other people’s opinions got you bent out of shape. Lloyd posted a second topic essentially related to the first one that got the brunt of the negative comments. It should’ve been over, get over it.

    I also think that Kevin Wright is overreacting pretty hard there, and is jumping on the soft as wet flowers bandwagon.

    But I digress, people make decisions that others don’t agree with. And for that Lloyd, TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST. I cannot fathom the possibility of reading something authored by somebody with an opinion that varies from mine.

    Oops, just kidding. Been reading the occasional article for years, and still plan on reading the occasional article. I will say though, that both of you lost some of your credibility in my opinion. Lloyd politically, and Noah’s integrity.

    Now guys, I know your opinion is different than mine. You may now banish me from your postings if you feel the need, or take me off your mailing list on your own.

  44. Jon G

    Oh, and I missed the entire question there.
    Yeah, I consider myself a racist, and yes I consider everybody else racists, too.

    Like somebody brought up somewhere in the comments up above, not long term, but yes, everybody is a racist at first impressions, and are liars on top of it if they say they’re not.

  45. Ryann Huff

    As an owner of a small business/manufacturing company….AND Aside from the fact that I disagree COMPLETELY with Lloyd… I have a question. What does this topic have to do with Todays Machining? I can see that the President and his affiliates are trying to dismantle the America I love and American manufacturing with all this regulatory rubbish, Obamacare, entitlements, etc… Maybe that is what the article should have been about. If you disagree with those things please write an article about how it is all beneficial for manufacturing companies. Use your platform to uplift the President (if you can). I thought Today’s Machining was about “Today’s Machining”… This is not the proper platform to discuss your voting strategy. It is safe to say that many small business owners are not particularly pleased with Mr. Obama. You opened a can of worms with this audience, and Today’s Machining may suffer for it. Mr. Lloyd might I suggest opening up a wordpress blog or something to toot your political horn. This way your company will not suffer for your views 🙂 There is a time and a place for everything… maybe this wasnt yours. js


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