Ep. 36 – Ben York on Taking the Art Out of Machining

By Noah Graff

In today’s podcast I interviewed Ben York, an inventor and consultant for machining companies. I met him at the 2019 Precision Machining Technology Show where his company, Theory 168, was presenting his Perfect Zero Alignment system. The system uses a camera installed in a CNC machine to set work coordinates and align and set tooling (see demonstration video below).

Ben said his mission is to “take the art out of machining.” He wants machining to be easy enough so people can do it even if they don’t know the “tricks of the trade.” In the podcast Ben talks about his process of inventing his new product and starting a company in the machining field.

Listen to the podcast below the video.

Question: Is machining an art form?

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One thought on “Ep. 36 – Ben York on Taking the Art Out of Machining

  1. r in nyc

    So if it is not an art, with skill and an “eye” for things, then there is no more need for good paying manufacturing jobs!

    OPEN THE BORDERS and let all the uneducated, unskilled ILLEGALS in and take over our manufacturing!!!

    Lets us take the untrained, inexperienced and ask them about:
    (if you speak the language)

    materials, speed, feed, premature tool failure, inability to hold tolerance, poor surface finish, chatter, vibration, cycle time, etc….

    “it looked good on the camera….”


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