Ep. 37 – Finding Purpose in Your Work with Brent Robertson

By Noah and Lloyd Graff

Have you ever asked yourself what your purpose is when you go to work in the morning? Sometimes I wonder if I’m spending enough time making an important impact on the world, or if I’m too wrapped up in the mechanics of making deals on machine tools.

In this week’s podcast we interviewed Brent Robertson of Fathom. Brent is a business philosopher and consultant. His mission is help people discover what their purpose is, beyond just making money. He has found that if he can give people purpose in what they do, it inspires those they work with and their clients as well.

Listen to the podcast below the video.

Question: Is making money purpose enough for you?

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4 thoughts on “Ep. 37 – Finding Purpose in Your Work with Brent Robertson

  1. Bob Ducanis

    Business philosopher?? What the heck is that?

    Making money is without a doubt the #1 priority of 9 out of 10 people. Save the world? Sounds good on paper, but first you have to feed yourself.

    Years ago I read an article when ‘mission statements’ were the trendy catchwords. The author stated an example that every for-profit company should follow.
    ….Our company is XYZ-Automotive Corporation. We make cars to make a profit. If we cannot make a profit making cars, we will make something else that can make us a profit”

    End of story.

  2. Lloyd Graff

    Hi Bob,

    Listen to the Robertson podcast. The integration of purpose and listening and caring can make work, and living more satisfying.

    1. Bob Ducanis

      I did. ‘Future Design’ ?? ….Call me skeptical.
      Might as well go listen to Tony Robbins. LOL!

  3. r in nyc

    Family, God and Country – in that order.

    My job is to take care of family and squirrel something away for bad days ahead.

    If I can have some fun while I’m at it – its a bonus.

    If these podcasters were so great they would be on the radio making money or not have time to podcast because someone is paying big bucks for their pearls of wisdom.


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