Ep. 3 – Part 2 of Miles Free Interview

By Noah Graff

Miles Free, Director of Research and Technology at the Precision Machined Products Association, opines on electric cars, economic patriotism and how American machine shops have evolved to thrive in today’s economy.

Question: Are tariffs aimed at China economic patriotism or a tool for the enemy?

Listen to Swarfcast in the player below.

Honda Assembly Plant in Liberty OH   (Dayton Daily News)



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2 thoughts on “Ep. 3 – Part 2 of Miles Free Interview

  1. Paul Huber

    Neither ! It is hopefully just a ploy to give us time to create a workforce which is equal or better then the rest of the world.
    Take in conideration the sad results of the USA team at the 2017 Worldskills , 50 countries competed in 50 different apprentice-able trades. The US placed 35th, even worse is the average metal points earned of 0.4 ! The top three nations achievd follwing metal points: China 2.32, Korea 2.10, Switzerland 2.25.
    The US did much better in the past but it also maintained the same skill level for many years, in the meantime it is the other contries who have improved the skill level of their workforce.
    Each of us has to particpate in improving the education of our present and future workforce. Sign up as technical adviser at your local H.S. , vocational school, 2 year college. Most of them have a STEM program and they will appreciate our input and help with material. Remember that those students are your future employees and customers.

    Paul Huber
    NIMS Executive Committee Member

  2. Jim Zelek

    This is a sad indication of our country’s downturn, we need more emphasis on vocational training for all crafts, since all young people don’t want a college education, which is costly to pay off the debt for students and taxpayers as well !


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