Ep. 44 – Bruno Schmitter on Hydromat vs. Swiss Machining

By Lloyd and Noah Graff

Today’s podcast is part two of an interview we did with Bruno Schmitter, CEO and COO of Hydromat USA.

When Bruno came to America in 1979, his competition was National Acme and New Britain Multi-Spindles. Today he says his competition is mainly CNC Swiss and 5-axis Turning Centers. Bruno argues that having one machine that can do many operations at a time is a better option than having multiple machines which require more space, more people and more tooling.

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In the interview we also discussed Hydromat’s diversification into selling bar loaders and the company’s newest offering, the Eclipse 12-100, which offers machining up to 100mm.

Question: Would you rather have a Hydromat or six CNC Swiss machines?

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3 thoughts on “Ep. 44 – Bruno Schmitter on Hydromat vs. Swiss Machining

  1. Tom Hogge

    Depends on the part. And relationship with customer .
    When the Hydromat goes down You got a Huge Investment down.
    Would be hard for all the swiss machines to be down at once .
    And if demand drops or Print changes (design). Few key strokes to change the Swiss.
    And if all goes to pot can sell Swiss machines one at the time much easier than a Hydromat .
    More folks out there that can Program , setup, Operate, Swiss machines. More so than Hydromats.
    I have many swiss , And Multi spindle New Britain , Coulpe Acmes,
    Brownies, Davenports . Have often considered buying a Hydromat . Actually owned half interest in one once with a dealer. Was a used machine . a Hybrid at that . Didn’t loose much money . Took a couple years to get my investment back. Sold machine in pieces, Heads , Attachments and the like . Nightmare .

  2. r in nyc

    depends on parts, quantities, customers etc…
    would you rather have a motorcycle or a pickup truck???


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