Editor’s Note: A Little Miracle

Today’s Machining World Archives September 2010 Volume 06 Issue 07

When we set out looking for something we seldom get exactly what we are looking for. But what we find is usually better.

Ten years ago I started Screw Machine World to take advantage of a perceived market opportunity offered by a fading Automatic Machining and the looming expansion of Web based education. My observation of the opening was on target, but my ability to take advantage of the opportunity has been hampered by the roller coaster economy since the 2001 recession, my inexperience in media, my reluctance to bet heavily financially on the magazine, and my desire to remain in the used machinery business. Each of these factors was sufficient to sink the publication. Add in a succession of eye surgeries for retina detachments, a near fatal cardiac catastrophe two years ago, and the common perception that print is passé and you have 10 reasons why we should not be celebrating our 10th anniversary at Today’s Machining World.

The reason TMW is around is simple—I would not let it fail. It sure ain’t for the money. The enterprise has been a struggle financially. We’re on an upswing now, but advertising has been hard to nail down.

What I have found in my search for William Randolph Hearst-dom has been the joy of creating something cool and unique. The magazine is a reflection of my view of journalism and the machining world. People used to ask me why a used machinery dealer would go into the magazine business. They no longer ask that question. I think TMW, in its one-of-a-kindness, answers the question before it is asked.

The blog and Web site have taken time to find their voice, but under Noah Graff’s relentless efforts, the Web is thriving and fun now.

Emily Halgrimson somehow manages to pull the magazine together each month on time, which is amazing, and Todd Toborg makes it look good.

I thought I wanted TMW to be a “major trade publication.” But what I found was the unbelievable joy of producing a little miracle each month with people I care about.

Lloyd Graff

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