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Today’s Machining World Archives January/February 2011 Volume 7 Issue 1

On behalf of the America Precision Museum I am writing to thank you for the wonderful article Alan Earls wrote about the museum in your November/December 2010 issue. His article not only captured the essence of the museum but also the state of today’s machine tool industry. His photographer did a great job with the additional photographs and his research was impeccable. Merritt Roe Smith from MIT is a huge supporter of the museum and did an internship with Ed Battison, our founder, when he was working on his PhD many years ago. We were pleased he was included in the article. It is a great story—in fact, it is one of the very best articles written about the museum in some time.

I sincerely hope that if you are in the area, you will let us know. We would love to give you a personal tour of the museum and share our story with you. Thank you for the important attention you have given to the story of the American machine tool industry and this museum.

Nancy Hoggson
Development and Communications Manager
Windsor, Vermont

Telepathy with the Readers

Last week, I finally got around to reading a book you recommended, The American Machine Tool Industry Its History, Growth & Decline, by Albert Albrecht. In the book the author mentions the American Precision Museum. I recall thinking that I’d need to look into the details of the museum. On Monday, your November/December issue arrived and there it was, a cover story devoted to the museum. So, Lloyd you can add “telepathy” to your many skills.

Thomas C. Scanlan
Surplus Record Inc.
Chicago, Ill.

The Way to Go

In response to your “Swarf” in the Nov/Dec issue about older machines coming onto the market, I think that National Acmes are the way to go. We currently are running 40 and doubling our floor space with an expansion in the spring. You can do anything with an Acme now. We’ve already rebuilt several of our 6 and 8 spindle Acmes and they are like brand new machines when we get them back. Plus, they are adding CNC slides and lots of other technology that we never thought possible on a screw machine.

I believe that the screw machine industry is going to keep expanding, especially with all of the new features that are available on rebuilds now.

Jason Orbin
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A Distaste for Politicians

In response to your “Swarf” in the Nov/Dec issue about the 2010 political advertising season, I want to say that I care about my country, but it is getting harder all the time to find a candidate for any government office to feel good about. Listening to the exaggerations and partial truths/lies I am reminded of professional wrestling. In wrestling, opponents show no respect for each other in the ring and then eat, sleep and travel together to the next venue. Our national politicians are divided by party to the point that there is no real debate on the issues. They seem to spend so much time on party issues and props for themselves that there is no time for the real work anyway. But fill the trough and they will be shoulder to shoulder to eat their share.

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