Forum: Two responses to Lloyd Graff’s “Swarf” piece in the May issue

Today’s Machining World Archives June 2011 Volume 07 Issue 05

Two responses to Lloyd Graff’s “Swarf” piece in the May issue—“Wisconsin’s Uncivil War”

Lloyd, you really should be working for the MSM, otherwise known as the “drive by media.” Last time I looked, Wisconsin and Ohio both had elected majorities that passed these laws. But you insist on using the verbs “pushed” and “forced” that really do not reflect majority rule. Using your descriptive vocabulary were we “forced” or “pushed” into [electing] President Obama? Keep up the view from the left Lloyd, it’s a hoot.

Kelly Hagberg

I used to think that unions had outlived their usefulness, but now they seem to be the last bulwark against the move to redistribute wealth away from those who create it to an aristocratic class who feel they have entitlement to as much wealth as they can accumulate. Why worry about a union worker who makes a few thousand more than he “deserves” for doing something useful, when a hedge fund manager ends up with a billion dollars in his pocket by devastating a company that took years to build up?


About the End

Thank you Lloyd for all the past printed issues of your fine magazine! It saddens me to see it end but I do understand. I can remember being dragged “kicking and screaming” onto the World Wide Web back in the ’90s, and look where we are now. While I don’t like taking this next step with you into the digital age, I suppose we must. But let me tell you this. I savored the day your magazine would arrive and I could take it to bed that night for an evening read, cover to cover. I’ll miss those evenings. Thanks again Lloyd and you truly did/do a great job! It was all very first class, and I thought that represented you and your company well.


Nothing Like Print

As I completely understand the financial decision to stop the presses, I am very sorry to see your fine publication go online only. Yes, the same product can be viewed online, but to our generation, there is still nothing like leafing through the publica-tion over a fine Cab. You and your magazine have inspired me in too many ways to mention. I will continue to follow you online and hope that your Bulls will take it to the evil Heat. Is it a coincidence that LeBron left the Cavs right after my book review? I think not.

Larry Clayman

Your #1 Online Fan

I have to say I’m really going to miss the printed page; however, I’ve already begun to read the articles online more and more often. A few times at home, and more than a few while on the road, I really do enjoy Lloyd’s commentary and wisdom beyond my years. The TMW community feeds on the honesty here, and the dissent is often just as good as the argument. I look forward to being your #1 online fan.

Peter Bagwell

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