Ep. 40 – A New Person Every Day, With Noah Graff

By Noah Graff

In today’s podcast I was interviewed about a book I am writing which documents a year in which I have met at least one new person every day. I started 364 days ago when I met a guy named Tommy, working the bar at a restaurant in Chicago called the Blue Door Farm Stand.

Listen to the Podcast on the player below.

Over this year I estimate I have met 450 to 500 strangers. I have met people on the street, a ton of Uber drivers, and folks from all over the world. I have even been forced to call Comcast late at night, desperate to meet just one new person that day.

The quest to meet a new person every day has forced me out of my comfort zone, and it has made each day more meaningful than it would have been otherwise. How often does time go by and you wonder to yourself, what did I do this week? Maybe you can’t even remember what you did yesterday? But after meeting a person and writing about it, and often taking a selfie photo together, I usually feel that something meaningful happened. I learned something new. I had a new experience.

Right now I call the book “The Meeting People Project” as I haven’t thought of anything more clever.

Question: Who is the most interesting new person you have met this week?

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5 thoughts on “Ep. 40 – A New Person Every Day, With Noah Graff

  1. Lloyd Graff

    Noah, extraordinary accomplishment. Looking forward to the book. Studs Terkel would be proud. You can look it up.

  2. John griner

    I met a waiter last night at Yellowstone named Jeremy . He came from from a corporate job in Cleveland. He claims to sleep in a hammock outside and snores so loudly he scares the bears off. Our group also believes he has a pretty active social life. Quite a charming individual

  3. John Griner

    Lloyd Yes 29 / 45 degrees.
    After I came to my senses after listening to his tale it did occur to me he might have slightly embellished his experiences.
    Perhaps he could find a career selling used Acmes for $500,000 a pop! (LOL)
    Charming individual. The 2 ladies at my table thought he was charming also. One husband got a bit jealous. Meeting new people is fun !!!

    Perhaps Noah can write about burning man in Nevada??

  4. claude

    I once drove into Yellowstone for Memorial Day after a sales call in Cody. The snow was 6 feet on either side of the road (and we were camping). As we drove down the road we had to move to the left lane as several buffalo occupied the right lane and we didn’t want to challenge them. Fun memory.


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