Ep. 28 – Bryan Batten, Mechanical Psychologist

By Noah Graff

On today’s podcast, I interviewed Bryan Batten, CEO of Palmetto Precision Machining, located in Anderson, South Carolina. Palmetto Machining is a precision machining/fabrication shop specializing in tooling and automation for the automotive industry. Bryan, who jokingly refers to himself as a mechanical psychologist, discusses the difference between working with automotive companies in different countries, his experience purchasing a machining company, and the manufacturing boom in the South.

Question: Do you have a machine that should go to a shrink?

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One thought on “Ep. 28 – Bryan Batten, Mechanical Psychologist

  1. r in nyc

    I have a CNC who’s orient function is as unpredictable as the weather (and is not weather related – I did try tracking that as well – humidity, temperature barometric pressure, etc…).

    I have replaced every component.

    The only thing left is the mother board, and that is too costly as well as time consuming.

    I have even tried talking nice to it and brought some nice flowers I stole from the cemetery…


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