Ep. 17 – Making it in America with Armand Barnils

By Noah and Lloyd Graff

Scroll down to listen to the podcast with Armand Barnils.

In today’s podcast we interviewed Armand Barnils, plant manager of the U.S. division of Ventura Precision Components, a multinational precision machining company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

Armand grew up on the outskirts of Barcelona and studied Industrial Engineering in Spain. Through a foreign exchange program he came to the United States and earned a Masters Degree in Industrial Technology and Operations at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

At age 23 he moved to Pasadena, Texas, just outside of Houston, to work at Ventura Precision Components. Two years later his boss left, and at just 25 years old he became the shop’s plant manager.

In the interview Armand recounted his life’s journey from Barcelona to Chicago to Pasadena, Texas, and opined on the career opportunities he believes are unique to the United States.

Question: Do you believe in the American Dream?

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7 thoughts on “Ep. 17 – Making it in America with Armand Barnils

  1. Paul Huber

    Hell yes !
    Coming to the USA to install Swiss Automatics and instruct machinists in the set-up and operation procedures thereof in 1962 then finding a investor who did believe in my vision in 1968 how to start-up A Swiss job shop does prove the point.
    Still running the business with my stepson with a smile in my ugly face !

    Paul Huber

  2. Mark

    I enjoy you commenters were much. I consider you my Machine shop guru.
    The pocast is ok but please just give me the written text. The pod cast is a time sucker.

  3. Mark

    I enjoy you commentary’s were much. I consider you my Machine shop guru.
    The pocast is ok but please just give me the written text. The pod cast is a time sucker.

    1. Noah Graff

      Thanks for the compliment Mark. The thing with the podcast is that you don’t have to listen all at once. You can listen in the car for a few minutes or when you are washing the dishes, or when you get ready for bed.

      It gives you enjoyment for a longer period of time.

  4. r in nyc

    This country was founded on the premise of personal freedom!
    And governments job was ONLY safety, security and protecting an open business environment!
    We were FREE to succeed or FAIL, masters of our own destiny!
    If one carefully reads the constitution, you notice a standing Navy to protect commerce routes for freedom of trade with the rest of the globe. Yet the army must be reauthorized each year to prevent a standing army in the hopes of preventing a coup or subjugation of citizenry.

    The American Dream is still alive and well, however the ever growing and ever hungry Leviathan of government, the parasites sucking the welfare state dry, and the endless depths of the swamp are always making it more and more difficult to win.

    But with the reduction in Government regulations, reduction of
    Honest overly confiscatory taxes, and a rebounding economy based on MANUFACTURING we will WIN.
    We are starting to WIN again!

    “We’re going to keep on winning.
    We’re one people.
    We’re one family.
    We’re one glorious nation under God, and together we will make America wealthy again, we will make America strong again, we will make America safe again, and we will make America great again.” – Pres DJT

    Hard work always wins the day!


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