Ep. 21 – John Saunders, Entrepreneur and Self-taught Machinist

By Noah Graff

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In today’s podcast we interviewed John Saunders, founder of Saunders Machine Works and the creator of the NYC CNC YouTube channel. John is an innovative entrepreneur who lives and breaths CNC machining. When he was 24 he had an idea to sell an automatically resetting steel target for practicing firearms, but he had no engineering background, no CAD experience and no machining experience. After working on a prototype with a contracted engineer he decided that before he would pursue production of his product he wanted to fully understand the production process.

He bought a Taig CNC milling machine and put it in his one-bedroom New York City apartment. He quickly realized he was passionate about CNC machining and taught himself to use his machine on nights and weekends for two years. Using resources on the Web, instructional DVDs and New York’s MakerSpace NYC community he eventually gained the skills to machine a prototype of his automatically resetting target by himself. Since his first time experimenting with his Taig until today he has religiously documented his machining projects on YouTube and now NYC CNC has acquired over 273,000 subscribers.

Today Saunders with a staff of six employees, runs a machine shop in his hometown of Zanesville, OH. His company runs an intensive training course on machining and welding, and it uploads at least one YouTube video a week about machining. He also cohosts a weekly podcast where he discusses his challenges running a small machining business.

Question: What practical skills have you learned on the Internet?

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 21 – John Saunders, Entrepreneur and Self-taught Machinist

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    Great job.
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    Just like the old days of “moonshine”, it is VERY difficult to regulate items that are REALLY easy to make. Now we have cheap 3D printers and the Ghost Gunner milling machine for $1200 bucks to make all the guns you want, as well as the code for free on the internet! (I have a nice lineup of Haas CNC’s)

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