Ep. 22 – Federico Veneziano on Machining Business Around the World

By Noah Graff

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On today’s podcast we interviewed Federico Veneziano, COO and CFO of American Micro, a 100 person machining company near Cincinnati, Ohio. In the interview Federico compared the various philosophies he has observed in machining companies throughout Europe, China and the United States.

Federico grew up in northern Italy and got his first job as a CNC machine operator when he was 12. He studied engineering in Italy and worked in several shops until he was hired by DMG as a service technician in his early 20s. For several years at DMG he worked on machines in shops all over the world, and in 2005 he was assigned a large project to install a Gildemeister GMC35 at American Micro in Batavia, Ohio. After observing Federico’s work on the project American Micro’s management saw great potential in Federico and he joined the company the following year.

Question: What is the best way for a machining company to find good employees?

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One thought on “Ep. 22 – Federico Veneziano on Machining Business Around the World

  1. Paul Huber

    Groom them at a early age by supporting K-12 schools and then trade schools or two year colleges near your plant. I am fully aware that some school leaders are not excited about working with local employers since their only goals is to railroad every available body into college. Even some of those leaders are not aware that only 56% of students enrolled in college graduate after six years.
    Funny, Federico took the same path as myself. Arrived and conquered !

    Paul Huber LSME


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