Ep. 24 – Albert Lettman on Lean Manufacturing Around the Globe

By Noah Graff

On today’s podcast, I interviewed Albert Lettmen, a Lean Six Sigma and Quality Systems consultant and educator who has worked for decades with prominent manufacturing companies around the world. Albert grew up in Jamaica, studied business in Scotland, and then worked for companies in Europe, China, Canada and the United States. I was surprised when Albert explained to me that a company eliminating waste and boosting efficiency does not necessarily translate to firing a lot of workers. Over the years I have heard many people in the machining business talk about incorporating Lean Manufacturing into their organization, but I must confess that until this interview the concept of “Lean” remained a mystery to me.

Scroll down to listen to the podcast with Albert Lettman.

Question: What areas do you think a consultant could help in your business?

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4 thoughts on “Ep. 24 – Albert Lettman on Lean Manufacturing Around the Globe

  1. Nancy Burrows

    I listened to the podcast on Friday and waited to respond until today, Monday afternoon. I do not see any replies, so either I am looking in the wrong place or there are no responses.
    What areas can a consultant help in my business?
    I am on the business consulting side of South Suburban College. It was I who introduced Albert Lettman and Noah Graff.
    I often contract consultants to provide services and trainings for my clients and student groups. Consultants’ knowledge, broad experience, and communication skills can shed real light on issues and topics that even a great business may be overlooking– their disinterest (not uninterest but an unbiased approach) can make a world of difference.
    Is it possible that many people want to see a medical specialist but hesitate about seeing a business specialist?
    Was the podcast possibly too long–although I found it interesting? Why do you think there weren’t replies?

    1. Noah Graff

      Hey Nancy!

      I don’t worry about replies too much. Though it is not to have discussion. It’s all about the question, not if people don’t like the blog or the podcast. Just means we didn’t quite strike the nerve. One of our more compact podcasts. I was very happy with how it turned out! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet Albert.

      And thanks for commenting!

  2. Kamal Asnani

    Nice listening. Albert is very experienced in his unique and effective simplified style on lean management. Ive shared this

  3. Peter Frow

    In a busy day, I can afford 5 minutes to read a blog with comments but not 25 minutes to listen to a podcast. I would suggest a written summary of the main points plus a podcast of not longer than 15 minutes for those for whom the summary hooks enough interest to listen to the podcast.




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