Ep. 27 – Dave Thuro on Growing a Machining Business (Part 2)

By Noah and Lloyd Graff

Today’s podcast is Part 2 of our interview with Dave Thuro, second-generation owner of Thuro Metal Products. In this episode, Dave discusses his growth philosophies. He believes in aggressively acquiring as many job opportunities as possible, but then saying no to most of them. The company tries to acquire at least two long term accounts per year that will bring in monthly sales of $50,000 to $100,000.

Scroll down to listen to the podcast with Dave Thuro.

Dave also discusses his hiring practices. He believes in hiring the majority of his employees at the entry level and training them from within the company. The company’s 56 person workforce happens to be 50% women.

Question: How does your shop go about acquiring new clients?

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3 thoughts on “Ep. 27 – Dave Thuro on Growing a Machining Business (Part 2)

  1. Keith Garrison

    Just a comment about the podcasts. I would much rather read a blog or a transcript than listen to a podcast. Two reasons, the first is I am a visual person, and the 2nd is that I just do not have the time to lisen. I have loved “The Swarf” since it’s inception, thank you for that.
    Best regards,

  2. Eric Fox

    much prefer reading, faster and more informative as you can go back to areas of interest. Too much wasted time in blog.


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