Ep. 35 – Graeme Sinclair on Precision Machining in Australia

By Noah and Lloyd Graff

In today’s podcast we interviewed Graeme Sinclair, owner of Parish Engineering, a prominent precision machining shop in Australia. Graeme has been in the machining business for 60 years, since he served his apprenticeship at age 14.

In the interview Graeme discussed the challenges faced by machine shops in Australia verses the rest of the world, his eclectic taste in CNC machines, and his passion for the game of squash. Sinclair explained that one reason he has many different types of equipment is that automotive companies have shut down their operations in Australia, meaning a lot of high volume work has disappeared.

Question: Would you like to move to Australia?

Listen to the podcast on the player below.

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5 thoughts on “Ep. 35 – Graeme Sinclair on Precision Machining in Australia

  1. John Bressoud

    Would I move to Australia? In a heart beat. But cost of living (housing especially) is out of reach.

  2. r in nyc

    No Thanks!

    Just like the UK, you are not allowed to defend yourself nor enjoy the shooting sports, and I’m NOT talking about basketball!

  3. Alec Mandis

    It was very interesting listening to Graeme and I admire his tenacity and passion for the CNC business. In New Zealand we face similar issues to Parish Engineering looking for skilled machinists for our CNC shop. Like Graeme, I have been reading your hard copies from way back and continue to read the on-line publications of Today’s Machining World.
    Keep them coming

  4. Ian Baxter

    Lloyd – I really enjoyed your podcast with Graeme Sinclair. I met Graeme and his daughter when I was in Australia in 2014 and he took me to an Aussie Rules game at the MCG after giving me a tour of his plant. Knowing your love of sports you should try to get to a game if you are ever in Australia. It is total chaos! You would love it!


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