Gratitude 2017

By Noah Graff

Soon I’ll be 38 years old. I often question whether I have used my time wisely so far to reach a daily happy existence and positively impact the world. At this time of year I dwell on the past 12 months and I regret all the times I was lazy. I wish I had not been scared to try new things. I wish I had not burned so much time and energy obsessing over trivial things.

But before I get down on myself too much and before I set my goals for next year I feel it is important for me to list a few of the things I feel grateful for in 2017. The year has had some highlights and I believe to live a mentally healthy life it’s important to take time for gratitude and perspective. I guess sharing this is more for my own personal benefit rather than for you readers, but perhaps you will find a few things interesting and it will inspire some of your own reflections on 2017.

Gratitude list for 2017

I got engaged to my girlfriend Stephanie.
I ate Stephanie’s Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies.
I ate my mom’s cake.
I worked on my diet (a recent endevour).
I developed a morning ritual.
I developed my idea muscle.
I started getting more sleep.
I learned the concept of 54321.
I worked on investments and even bought a few tulips…er Bitcoin.
I traveled to interesting places for business and pleasure.
I visited San Sebastián, Spain, with Stephanie.
I met many new people—some better than others.
I began some new relationships—both personal and professional.
I worked on my negotiation skills.
I gave to charity (but not enough).
I volunteered (but not enough).
I helped Graff-Pinkert go from two so so years to an excellent one.
I danced.
I took lovely rigorous jogs.
I got to be artistic (but not often enough).
I cared about people.
I learned about INDEXs, and Nakamuras and Schüttes.
I made some money.
I treasure hunted.
I listened to fascinating books and podcasts on my commutes to work that hopefully changed my life.
I watched fun movies and TV shows like Vikings and The Last Jedi.
I planned a little for the future (but not enough).
I watched the Cubs beat the Nationals in one of the craziest baseball games ever.
I spent time with my family and got to work alongside my dad.
I gained some perspective.
I felt gratitude and appreciated life when I remembered to.

Question: What are you grateful for in 2017?

Nestle Toll House Cookies

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9 thoughts on “Gratitude 2017

  1. Terry

    I am grateful that soon 2017 will be in my review mirror of life , 2017 took too many people from me this year , I pray 2018 will be a much better year for ALL . I guess I’m grateful I didn’t lose more friends , it goes along with age.

  2. Jim

    I am grateful that God has chosen to wipe some of the muck out of my eyes this year so that I am able to see more clearly His face in the people around me.

  3. Art Santana

    I could wrote a list as long as Noah’s but I just want to say I am grateful for America, I know it has take a beating this year unlike any previous years but it is still the best place to live and enjoy freedom. And most important thing: to worship how you want. so here, here, for a better 2018 for my sweet land of liberty!

  4. Don C

    I am grateful that 2017 a brutal year for me both professionally and personally has shown me that I am the person everyone says is always positive no matter the situation. I never saw myself that way until now. RIP my dear friends that have passed this year. Stay the course for those of you who have over come your trials with life this year. Every day is trully worth living

  5. Lloyd Graff

    “I asked for all things that I might enjoy life.

    I was given life that I might enjoy all things.”

    Part of a prayer I recite each day.

  6. Tim Soltys

    I am grateful for a President who cares about our bottom line, our security and our sovereignty. Most of all I am grateful for my health and the health of my family and friends.


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