Feeling Good Next Year

By Noah Graff

In order to make it professionally next year more people than ever in this world are going to have reeducate themselves, whether they’re learning CNC programming, switching professions after being laid off or starting their own businesses.

Lately I’ve been learning to administer a certain magazine’s Web site and taking salsa lessons. I’ve noticed that since I’ve gotten older (I’m almost 30) I’ve been listening to my teachers better. They say kids soak up knowledge much faster than adults. That may be true, but unlike when I was a kid, today I’m more aware of the learning process. I’m now able to observe myself doing it and I’m more excited about learning than I ever have been.

Maybe it’s because I’m learning these things from teachers that I’ve chosen and that I’m paying for their knowledge myself. School was always at least half about the game—passing the test, grinding through to get the piece of paper that would propel me to my next stage of growth. Maybe it’s just maturity—you never know. But I think I’ve become a better listener, at least to the people I respect.

So in my infinite wisdom as a 29-year-old (almost 30) journalist/auteur, I prescribe to all of you that learning should not only be important for getting from point A to B. I know it can be painful and expensive at times, but take a step back and try to watch yourself doing it sometime. It feels good, and you may then do it better than you would otherwise. I think it’s a key to feeling happy.

Take some inspiration from the martial arts training below.

Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) is trained by the great Pai Mei in Kill Bill Vol. 2

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