Ep. 45 – Patrice Zamor on Manufacturing in Israel

By Lloyd and Noah Graff

For most people manufacturing and Israel are two topics that are not normally spoken about together. Patrice Zamor, the guest on today’s podcast, lives in both of these worlds.

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Patrice emigrated to Israel from France in the 1970s and has spent much of his career working for Ditron Precision, a multi-national automotive component supplier headquartered there.

Takeaways from the interview:

  • Patrice discussed Israel’s strength in high-tech fields as well as its significance in producing machined components for international markets.
  • He gave his outlook on the current world automotive industry.
  • He talked about Israeli culture and what inspired him to emigrate from France.

Question: Is Israel a place you want to visit? Why?

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6 thoughts on “Ep. 45 – Patrice Zamor on Manufacturing in Israel

  1. Steve Lochmoeller


    Like many of your readers, I don’t have time to listen to a 30+ minute podcast. Would it be possible with modern software to produce a transcript of these podcasts?

  2. al bjor

    i feel the same way, i would like to read this interview, but i wont sit down and listen for 30 minutes. i have tried playing them in the car and that doesnt work very well. i have tried to listen while i work and that doesnt work either.

    i know your using this for advertising, but i have learned to skip over the first 4 minutes if i do listen


  3. Misterchipster

    I agree, most business owners have learned not to be distracted by time consuming blogs, podcasts, etc. This falls in that category for me. Would love to be able to scan the content (including your ads) but need to quickly sort relative info from idle chatter. Podcasts are “trendy” but don’t fit well with my schedule. I can not afford to “waste” 30 minutes out of my day so when I can’t scan info it usually goes in the trash. Love you guys, the range of topics you cover and your platform for comments but not when it does not allow me to efficiently use my precious time. No offense intended just my opinion, please include a transcription when you use a podcast. That allows us “grazers” to make the most efficient use of our most precious resource – time.

  4. Keith Garrison

    I agree with those commenting before me. I am visual and not auditory, and I don tnot have time to listen to a podcast, would love to read a transcript. I am however really interested in Israel and manufacturing. We use many different Iscar inserts and tool holders and they work very well for us!

  5. Noah Graff

    You have spoken and we have listened. Transcriptions and bite sized snippets are coming soon!

    Hopefully it will be more pleasurable to listen to US soon.


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