Ep. 23 – Reflections on the Machining Business 2018

By Noah and Lloyd Graff

In today’s podcast, we reflect on the machining world in 2018 through the lens of what went right and what went wrong for Graff-Pinkert’s used machine tool business and Today’s Machining World.

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One key observation from 2018 is that Graff-Pinkert is becoming more reliant on our extensive knowledge of the equipment market rather than the cam machine refurbishing business, which historically has been Graff-Pinkert’s base business. Brokering the sale of modern CNC multi-spindles and consulting with customers on buying and selling machining businesses have become vital revenue streams.

As for Today’s Machining World, Swarfcast is our most exciting addition. The podcast is growing, but we admit it has been more of a challenge than we expected to convert readers to listeners. Many people tell us that they don’t have time to listen to a podcast. To that I reply that the beauty of a podcast is that you don’t have to consume it all in one sitting and you have the opportunity to listen while driving or exercising or doing chores. Also, recorded interviews give us the ability to provide more in-depth stories than blogs.

Sit back enjoy today’s podcast as we reflect on these topics, as well as China, Trump, gratitude and marriage. Happy New Year!

Question: What was the best thing that happened to you in 2018?

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4 thoughts on “Ep. 23 – Reflections on the Machining Business 2018

  1. Nick M

    Hi Noah and Lloyd, thank you very much for your insights and the blog/podcast you put out. I would like to echo the comment that podcast is not always the best way to consume the information for a busy person and that scanning a post is frequently quicker. I also understand your wish to migrate to more of a podcast format.

    Maybe there is a compromise here? Perhaps you could provide a machine-transcript of the podcast somewhere? Hopefully it would provide most of the information contained in the podcast for those among us who cannot easily consume it while not taking up too much of your time?

    Thank you!

  2. Victor

    Why not transcribe the podcast and put the text on your website? Personally for me, when I am not at work I have no desire to listen to that podcast. However, when I am at work, I would spend a few minutes reading the text of the conversation.

  3. Todd

    Don’t confuse the blog with the podcast. From a consumer perspective they are both very enjoyable, yet very different.

    I spend 10 hours a week in the car, so I take all the podcast I can get!
    But, I really like the way that Lloyd expresses himself with the written word as well. I think a transcript would be a dead read, comparatively.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Will

    I really enjoyed the podcast, thanks! Listened to it while shoveling the driveway. I listen to podcasts all day long, easiest way to get info while I get other things done.


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