Ep. 4 – Our Family Treasure Hunting Business

By Noah Graff

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In today’s podcast Lloyd Graff and his son Noah delve into their family used machine tool biz… er treasure hunting business. They discuss how Noah came to work at Today’s Machining World and Graff-Pinkert, what it’s like working together and basic alchemy.

Question: Would you like being in business with a family member?

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3 thoughts on “Ep. 4 – Our Family Treasure Hunting Business

  1. Keith Garrison

    Good Day Gentlemen,
    I am sorry to say that I just do not have time to listen to a podcast. I have been reading the blog since it was started and have enjoyed it even occasionally commenting. It would be much appreciated if the writing continued.

  2. Frank Gibbons

    I agree with Keith!
    I have a family business with Wife, Son, & Son in Law, you can’t beat the trust and commitment of family to suceed. My wife and I have worked in family businees togeather 40 years

  3. steve

    Family business:
    When it is good it is great
    When it isn’t It is awful.
    Just like anything else in life.


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